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Monday, August 23, 2010

Some random things..

I got my diagnostic paper back today.. We wrote it in class in 20 minutes on the first day.. I made an 80, which is not what I was hoping for, but at least I didn't fail, and now I have a better idea of how he grades and what he is looking for. Plus, with other papers we will have a lot more time to do them and revise them, so I am confident that I can at least make an 85. I made an 80 on this one and I didn't even get to read through it to correct the mistakes. Luckly he only really graded it by if you turned it or not, so it's in the grade books as a 100.

Also, some problems with Grace's party location.. The guy my dad talked to originally said that we could have it, no problem. Well then he talked to the guy over him, and that guy said that we can't use it because they have a Bible study for the seniors in there on Sunday mornings?? That makes absolutely no since. We told them we would clean everything up, but they said no. They want us to use the place we used for my graduation party, which is out behind the church. It's a nice place, but we had about 30 people at my graduation party and it was crowded.. I am expecting about 50 people for Grace's party, so there is no way we would fit! I am going to have to find somewhere where everything can fit. I'm thinking about trying the place that I had my baby shower. I think it would be big enough, but we would have to figure out how to use the air this time.. we couldn't figure it out for my baby shower.. it was awful. Especially since my shower was in the summer.. at least her party will be in the winter.

Another thing.. I forgot to mention this, but it really showed improvement to me. On my first day of college I wanted to look nice.. I dressed nicely, put on make up, and did my hair. Chris and Grace were still asleep when I left, and I figured when I got home he would be upset that I got dressed up. I figured he would think it was to impress the guys or something because that is how he used to act, but when I got home he didn't say anything for awhile, then about 30 minutes later he goes.. "you look really pretty today." I just smiled and said "thank you" because I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but it meant a lot to me.. a lot that he didn't accuse me of trying to impress guys, a lot that he noticed that I actually tried to look nice, and a lot that he complimented me. It really showed me that he is maturing.. Also, just a few seconds ago I left my computer to go change Grace's diaper.. I was in the middle of typing this and when I came back this was there ...
i love you baby, and i allways will. you r my punk....

I thought it was cute and sweet :) Just the fact that he took the time to type something for me means a lot to me :)


  1. That sucks about the paper. I hate getting stuff back below an A. But that's just me. And I hope you find a place to have Grace's bday party at.

    Aww that is so sweet. It's awesome that he is improving. Maybe living together and being out has made him stress a lot less. Drew use to be cranky a lot until we were back up on our feet. O and I LOVE that he called you his punk. That is Drew's nickname for me since before we were dating. There isnt a day that goes by when Drew doesn't say I Love you Punk.

  2. I am sure you will find somewhere for Grace's party. The place you did your shower was HUGE!

    That is really good about Chris. It probably does really help that ya'll moved out. I know Jessie and I get along even better since I moved because my Mom is not always getting on his nerves and we actually have our own space. We just lived there way too long. Even Sami is completely different.

  3. Yea I am going to try the place that I did my shower.. we had to pay $50 for it, but that's not too bad since we really don't have any other options.

    Yea Grace is different now too.. She is so much more mobile and independant now. And a lot more verbal as well.. she is working on saying ball and up.. she will say them every once in awhile. She also understands more words now too.
    And Chris and I have so much less tension between us. I LOVE living us being in our own house.