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Saturday, August 7, 2010

I got my lap top!!!

We got up at 6:15 and got ready to go. We got to Chris' mom's house at like 7:30, and we left Grace with her so we could go stand in line. The guy we talked to on the phone told us that tax free weekend was like black Friday for computers, so we figured there would already be a huge line when we got there. We got there right around 8 (the store didn't open until 10), and there was only one other car in the parking lot. Really? We got here two hours early and no one was here? We sat there for a minute and a few more people pulled in, but mostly we justed watch a ton of workers piling in. At like 8:45 we got hungry so we went and got some breakfast, we came back and there still weren't many people there. We ate and it was like 9:15, so we decided to go stand by the door because it was in the shade and my car wasn't, so it was getting hot. After we walked up there a bunch of other people did. Eventually enough people walked up and they said they would take the first eight people in early :) We were the first people in the door. I told the guy what I wanted and he took us straight back there. There was a special deal where you get a laptop, a carrying case, and a printer for $429.97. And the lap top had good memory and battery life and everything. We got the last one (I guess because that deal had been going since the 1st)! I also had to get Microsoft Student which cost me another $99, but if I bought it later I would have to pay $129, so at least I saved some money there. All together I spent $543.00. I love the compter too. It's easy to use, and seems to work well. I am just excited to finally have an actual computer again. This is the one I got..

I was supposed to have to work yesterday, but it got rained out, which sucked because I needed the money, but it turned out to be a really good day. Chris, Grace, and I went to meet Erica, Cayle, and Adam at the mall. We had never met Adam before, but he was really cool. Chris and Adam got along great! They actually knew each other from playing paintball awhile back.. small world lol. But I think they could be friends, which I love because Erica and I are such good friends, and Grace and Cayle love each other! Grace and Cayle actually had a scream-off in Chick-Fil-A lol. Grace would scream, then Cayle, then Grace, then Cayle. I normally don't let Grace scream in restaurants, but it was just so cute. None of us could stop laughing. We all had a great time! I cannot wait to hang out with them again. We made plans to go to Ruby Falls Cavern for Halloween. I have always wanted to go.. I love haunted houses! But this is better.. this is a haunted cavern! You go under the earth.. literally, and it is pitch black. I've been to the cavern before, but not for Halloween. I can't wait!

We also looked at Party City for decoration. I found the ones I want to do for Grace!! So excited about that!


  1. Sounds fun-the cavern thing. I have never heard of it. What are the decorations?

  2. I've heard it's really neat. THey have people dressed up all scary, and things pop out at you.. Chris I have always gone to haunted houses together, but last year we couldn't because I was so close to my due date. I didn't want to get scared into labor lol.

    They are mostly pink, but they have some other fun colors too, and it's all about turning one :)

  3. That sounds fun. I have the same exact computer we bought last year with the same deal. Printer and all. Our computer works great so yours probably will too.

  4. Really? That's awesome! Good to know I made the right choice. I was looking at another computer that was supposedly better qualtiy, but it was $499 for the computer alone, so I went for what was more affordable.