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Thursday, August 12, 2010

And in other news...

Grace took her first step today!!! It was just one, and then she fell trying to take another one, but it was a step :)))))) She did that several more times, and eventually she took two steps and then on the third step she fell, but just before she went to bed she took four steps!!! She is going to be walking by next week!


  1. Ha Ha. I wouldn't say by next week, but maybe. I would say definitely in the next month she'll be walking everywhere. Sami took her first steps at the beginning of December and didn't walk until the end of January, but she's stubborn.

  2. I told you a couple of days ago on your Baby Got Balance post that she would have her first step in a couple days. She is sure to walk soon. Be prepared!!! Yeah it's fun but it means a whole new view of the world for them and a lot more stuff they can get into even if you think you baby proofed to the "T". You'll see what I am talking about :). Have fun.