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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A wonderful anniversary, but a horrible dinner party..

So on our anniversary Chris, Grace, and I went to eat at Chili's, which was yum! And then we drove over to the mall near our apartment. He had never been before, and I hadn't been in a long time, but it was actually a pretty decent mall.. it was no Hamilton Place, but I would probably say it was equal with Northgate if not better. We checked out the shops, and we were going to get our pictures done in one of those little photo booths, but it was out of order :(

Then we went home so Grace could take a nap, and then we went to Morgan's. She had invited us to a dinner party at her new apartment (I think I've talked about her before, she has a baby just a couple months older than Grace name Christian). At first it was fun. She was there with Christian and her bf Josh, and there was another couple there who had a precious 2 week old baby. She was tiny! And they had another girl their age with them. We all ate and talked about parenthood, and watched Grace and Christian play (Grace LOVES to play with Christian because they are on the same level developmentally). Then the other couple and their friend said they had to leave to take the baby to the girl's mom's house to spend the night. It kind of shocked me that they were leaving her overnight at such a young age. Grace has never stayed the night anywhere, but I just figured every person did things differently. They said they would be coming back later, and when they did they had alcohol with them. I was a little surprised that Morgan didn't mind it in her house because I would not want it in mine, but of course it wasn't my place to say anything. The guy was drinking a beer so I assumed it was for him (keep in mind none of these people were 21). Josh (Morgan's boyfriend) kept talking about how he wanted to rent Bounty Hunter and asked Chris and the other guy if he wanted to ride with him to go get it. While they were gone the two girls started doing shots right in front of Grace!! They were popping them back like it was nothing, and the one girl was breast feeding her baby. You may be thinking.. maybe it was just a one time thing.. but she started talking about how she was doing shots the day before. And I witnessed this girl pumping her breastmilk to give to her baby. I am not sure how long breastmilk stays in your system but if she was drinking like she says she was I am pretty sure she was probably giving some to her baby.. And then the other girl kept trying to play with Grace, and she was drunk! She was stumbling everywhere and mumbling. I wanted to leave so bad, but Chris was gone for like an hour. When he got back he pulled me aside and said we needed to leave. I was definitely ready, and when we got to the car he told me that instead of going to get the movie they wanted him to buy more alcohol for them! That could get Chris put in jail considering that is ILLEGAL! And then when they were turning back on the street the guy driving (not Josh) said "I'm glad we didn't get pulled over because I have an open container." Um... hello! If they would have gotten pulled over it would have been Chris that got hit because he was the only one who was 21! I was soooo angry!
Oh and coincidentally.. the girl who was breastfeeding and popping back a shot a minute.. her name was Jenelle. Apparently if your name is Jenelle you are destined to be a bad mom. At one point we were sitting in the living room and she asked Morgan and me if we ever regretted having a baby so young??? I mean her baby is only two weeks old and she is regretting her? And she said she breaks down crying all the time? I only broke down and cried once, and that was when I was at the worst part of my breastfeeding experience, sleep deprived, and Grace had RSV so she needed extra care and we couldn't leave the house at all, and I only cried for a few minutes and I was good. I feel so bad for that poor girl's baby.

In other news.. we had to call 911 on our neighbors two nights ago..
There were two girls that lived beneath us and the other day one kicked the other one our. The girl was parked right under our bedroom window so I heard every last bit of the blow out. They were screaming bloody murder at each other, and the one that got kicked out has a little girl about 3 years old, and they were screaming right in front of her, but the girl got in her car and left. Then two nights ago she came back for her stuff, and the world must have come to an end because we could here things banging off the walls, people screaming, and the little girl crying. Then they took it outside, the were literally trying to kill each other, and the poor little girl was screaming hysterically! They didn't even care about here. There is a girl who lives across the hall from them and she came out to comfort the little girl. For about 5 minutes we just listened until they started hitting each other and then I called 911. I figured by the time the police got there they would have stopped fighting, but the police actually had to break them up!! They police were there for over an hour and they had to bring an ambulance and everything. It was crazy! I just hope that girl doesn't come around anymore and try to start trouble. I'm not sure if they got arrested or sent to the hospital or what, but it was scary.


  1. It is girls like that that give us a bad name. You have more patience and self control than I do. I never have a problem pointing bad stuff out to people and saying stuff. I would have went off on the girl. Alcohol can stay in your system for a couple days. I dont know personally but it was one of those things I learned about in my pregnancy class in High School. They have these little test strips that you can put in pumped milk and see if it contains alcohol. Hopefully that is what she did. God Bless that baby. I cried a bit when I had my son. But not much. I didn't cry because I missed my "teenage" life but because I loved him so much an I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to give him everything. That still scares me to this day. The fight at your apartment is scary. That use to happen every night where I used to live when I was pregnant the first time and after he was born for about a month. Fights every night, police,drugs, guns, 2 dead bodies. It was normal in the complex I lived in. It was definitely scary. I was 17,18 pregnant on my own (drew worked like 12 hour days). My family was almost 3 hours away. I had people try to break in and guys try to start stuff if I stepped outside (still happens doesn't matter if I have kids or not. They do not care). There was some noise outside once and I looked out the window to see a car drive past with a gun sticking out. I saw plenty of stuff I didn't want to see. Fortunately I got out of there. We live in a better place but it is still the ghetto. I still have guys trying stuff and plenty of drama and drugs but nothing compared to that place. Im getting out of here in October and hopefully moving into a house in a quiet neighborhood.

  2. W0w! That is crazy about the dinner party! In front of the Babies? Alcohol will never be in my house. Was Morgan drinking too?