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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Apartment update..

Still haven't heard anything from the guy yet, but everyone is reassuring me that it is the weekend, and I just need to give him a little time lol. He did say that he wouldn't take our deposit if he wasn't going to give it to us, but I guess it all just seems so surreal to me. It's like I have wanted this for so long, and I am terrified that it is going to get ripped away from me.
It better not though because I am going to have a lot of unpacking to do. I already have six boxes packed. All things we don't use at the moment of course. Like stuffed animals, kitchen stuff, and bathroom stuff. I also went to Wal-Mart today and got some small things.. like our own shampoo, soap, gloves for washing dishes.. things like that. Also Grace broke her little change bank the other day (she knocked it off the night stand), so I wanted to get her a new one.. we went over there and looked at them, but I didn't have the money for one today. Chris took it from me and put it in the cart, and I was like "what are you doing?" And he said he was going to buy it for her. He has been so sweet to both of us these last few weeks. So now she will have a pretty piggy bank to put in her room :) That is a pic of it that I got off I love it!

Also we actually have a lot more furniture than I thought. We have a bed for us, a bed for Grace, a bookshelf for us, a bookshelf for Grace, a high chair, a dresser for us, a dresser for Grace, an entertainment center, two tvs, a coffee table, several large toys for Grace, and Grace's bathtub. All we really need is a couch, a kitchen table and chairs, and two night stands (one for us and one for Grace).
We also need smaller things like trash cans and a microwave.

Chris' mom is actually helping us out and letting us have Chris' bed and dresser (we are going to leave my bed for my sister), she is also giving us the coffee table, some dishes, and some pots and pans. No telling what else she'll get before we actually move out. They are also going to help us move by letting us use her SUV and her husbands truck to haul stuff in. His mom is super excited about us moving out, but she doesn't like that we are moving further away. I told Chris to tell her we would go eat dinner with them once a week if that made it easier, and as long as we could go see my family too. Maybe I should make it alternating weeks.. once with my family, once with his?
On the other hand I don't think my mom will take it too well. I am going to tell her tonight, but I don't think she will take it well. I'm not sure if she will be sad or mad, but I don't like either one. I have never not lived in the same house as her so I think it will be hard on her. I'm nervous to tell her, but I know I have to. She will be happy for us one day when we prove we are capable, but I think she's worried we will end up on the streets or fighting all the time or something.


  1. That is awesome she is helping out! Are you going to have a house warming shower too? I am supposed to some time in August. I hope you do get it. Have you tried calling him?

  2. I hope it all works out. I know how exciting it is. I also know how worrisome it can be. You can't help but worry. That's awesome that she is helping out and i know how you feel about your mom. When me and my boyfriend (now husband) walked across the state at 17 to live on our own my mom wasn't to happy either but she got over it. But right now she is hating the idea that we are looking into moving up to North Georgia. Living on your own can be hard at first but eventually you get use to it. Well pretty soon you do. It doesn't take long. And there may be fighting but there comes stress from having your own place so ya'll will just learn to breath and brush small things off. You will see. It will be GREAT and Grace having her own space will be the BEST part.

  3. You may be moving to North GA? How far north? You should move to.... Dalton lol. That would be awesome though! I would love to meet you and your adorable kids, but you're probably thinking more like ATL aren't you?

  4. I want to live outside of Atl. I dont want to have them right in the city. Im not much of a city girl anyways. We aren't to sure where. But somewhere with a good school.

  5. Dalton State is a great school.. lol. It really is, but it's about 2 hours north of Atl. Probably a little bit further outside of Atl then you're thinking.