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Friday, July 9, 2010

We found it!!!!!!!!!!

The apartment near Gracie Rd. didn't work out.. the guy wouldn't call us back, so we started looking on Craigslist again, and I found an apartment in Dalton. It's a little bit away from my family.. probably 20 minutes, and about 35 minutes away from Chris' family, but it is only three miles from Dalton State! (That's where I am going to be starting college in the fall). The guy was very nice to us, he showed us around and let us take pictures. There was no carpet in the living room, but he is going to put it in, so we will have new carpet! It already has new new paint and a new dishwasher. It's $550 a month, but that covers water, garbage, and... electric! Up to $85, but I highly doubt we will use more than that. The bathroom, living room, and kitchen are all good sized, and there is a bigger bed room and a smaller bed room. We filled out the application and put down a $200 deposit, and the guy told us that as long as everything checked out it was ours!!!!
It really finally is going to happen. I have to start packing and buying. He said the apartment will be ready next week and we can move in as soon as it is! I am soooooooo excited!

I am sad though because I won't be living close to TN anymore.. I am so used to just being able to drive up there in 15 minutes. I'm glad I only have to go there one day a week for work!

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  1. Congratulations!!! Im super excited for you. This is the next big step in life.