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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mostly moved in..

Grace's Room ^^^^:

Our Room:

(That TV is not going to stay in there. We are just waiting for our entertainment center)

The Bathroom:

The Living Room:

(Only unfinished room because we need our entertainment center and bookshelf)

The Kitchen:

Our First Dinner:

Grace taking a bath in her new tub:

I just thought this was cute:

We are adjusting to life fairly well at our new place. We are almost completely settled in. As you can probably tell from the pic the living room is the only room not finished. We are getting our entertainment center, bookshelf, and the TV for our room today so I can finally get the rest set up! Also we need a toy box for Grace's room because we don't have anywhere to put her toys.. That's what is in those boxes under her bed. There is also three boxes of toys in the closet lol. The girl is spoiled. We have met a few of our neighbors. They seem nice. A couple of guys even offered to help Chris carry some stuff in. And yesterday I saw six kids playing outside! Only one of them looked to be about Grace's age, and it was a boy. There was a girl, but she look about 2 or 3. I really just can't wait until we have everything settled in. I loved cooking dinner last night. I never thought I would enjoy cooking and cleaning, but I even liked washing the dishes with Chris. I'm sure that will wear off soon though lol. Grace is still getting used to it. She likes her room because she can actually get to all the toys.

Also we won't be getting internet until next month (I am at my moms now), so I won't be on very much, but I will do the best I can.


  1. Very nice. LOVE the bow holder and the kitchen. Counters awesome! You still Lovin' it?

  2. Yeah your kitchen is way better than mine. I hate that you wont have internet for awhile. That sucks. Ive talked to you so much I consider you a friend so I will miss you. Glad you like your place.