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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thank God my vacation starts tomorrow!

We are leaving around 11 am tomorrow morning and I can't wait. At first I thought I was going to have to drive and take my tiny car, but my nana got her air conditioner fixed!! She has a van, so there will be plenty of room and I will be able to sit with Grace! I have already packed everything up, and believe me that took forever. Packing for a baby is ridiculous! Grace has six bags (they aren't big bags though), and box of food and formula, her stroller, and two jugs of water! All I'm taking is a fan, a pillow, and one bag.. High maintenance baby lol. I really can't wait though! It is going to be soooo much fun :)

I probably won't be on here again until Thursday though..

Today we went to a family cookout for the fourth of July. We went to Chris' uncles house, and they have a pool, so of course Grace had to swim lol. It was a lot of fun. The picture above is of her in her fourth of July outfit! She was festive lol.

After we left there I went to Wal-Mart to pick up the stuff we need for tomorrow like diapers and stuff, and Chris came with us.Grace was getting fussy, so he got her out and he said he was taking her to the toys. When he came back he had this little baby piano in his hand and he said "she likes it so she going to get it." He bought it for her.. It was so cute! He took her and let her pick out a toy and then he bought it for her.. I was so impressed. He has never done anything like that, and it was just so sweet. She really does like the toy too. To me that shows that he is maturing. He spent some money on his daughter instead of spending it all on himself.

Also.. side note on the Kevin thing.. I think Chris was right. Chris has always said that Kevin still likes me, but I always just blew it off.. now I think he was right. Kevin has texted me every single day for about 8 days now. I never start the conversation, and if I don't reply he will text me again saying "what's up" or "hey" about 30 minutes later. He has also told me that he is looking for a girl to settle down with, always thought I was cute, and that I am perfect, but the weirdest thing was I was talking about my car and he goes "dodge neon right?"
Before Chris moved out about a month ago I drove his car since mine wasn't working right, which is a Dodge Neon.. I was like "That's Chris' car, but how did you know that?" and he goes "I just have a good memory I guess." Except he has never seen that car with us around. I can only think of two times I saw him when I was with Chris.. one was my birthday a couple of years ago, but we were in my moms van, and the other was at 1890's Day that same year, and we were walking around.. didn't even have the car with us.
It really freaked me out because about a month ago Chris came over and started drilling me about having someone over. I hadn't had anyone over so I was completely confused, and Chris was like "I just saw Kevin walking down the street as I was driving up." You're probably thinking he could have been visiting someone else or something except I live on a dead end street with a bunch of old people who have lived here longer than I have, and I know he doesn't know any of them. I pretty much thought Chris was lying because that was when he had just moved out and we were on rocky terms, so I thought he was trying to get me to say I was seeing Kevin or something, but now I'm not so sure.. I'm kind of seriously freaked. I mean maybe he saw me out driving in it one day, but why would he not just say that? Why say he has a good memory? I don't know.. it kind of makes me look over my shoulder when I go outside now.. just a little strange.


  1. Grace looks so cute in her little outfit. I always dress my kids according to the scheme of a holiday and then I put the outfit up to one day show them. I have a lot of outfits like that. I just cant let them go. O and that was so sweet what Chris did. And the whole Kevin thing. Been there done that. It is creepy. My phone rang one night and so I answered it and no one said anything so I hung up. The # called back and I answered and It was an ex that I had dated a year before (this was a couple years ago) and he said sorry for everything and hung up. Like 10 minutes later I hear a rock hit my window. He called me the next night and said that he had been watching me and that noise had been him. I hadn't even sen the dude in a year. Creepy. Then more recently on and off I have a friend who I was best friends with in school and all who had a crush on me but I didnt feel the same that would text and call and say flat out that he liked me and he wanted to be with me and he would provide and be a father to my 2 kids. I don't ever start conversations with him. He knows better. Im happily married with 2 children and one on the way. He was there for my whole first pregnancy. Very supportive. Almost to supportive if you know what I mean. He wanted the baby to be his but that was a problem with a lot of guys. Alot of guys claimed that it was their baby thoug I had only slept with Drew and someone way back in freshman year But that doesn't count. UGH! Bad memory. But anyways he really didn't like to find out I married Drew. He didn't talk to me for awhile at school because of it. he message me a couple weeks back but I didn't reply. I wouldn't want Drew to if it was him so...treat others as you would want to be treated kinda thing. I hate that I had to loose a good friend but it sucks he had to push his boundaries. He could've had a crush on me and kept it to himself instead of acting on hormones. Sorry so long.

  2. I have had a guy like that too (different guy).. freshman year I liked him and when he found out I did he told me he would date me if I sent him "pictures" I never would though, but he never gave up.. He told me that he jacked off to my pictures on myspace, that any guy I talked to made him jealous, and we had a class together as sophomores and I always thought he was starring at me but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought he was just looking in my direction.. this guy had a girlfriend all this time, but then, while he still had a girlfriend he told me he was in love with me, and I asked him when he figured that out and he told me he figured it while he was watching me in English. Then he proceeded to tell me that he wanted to have sex with me.
    One day at the end of junior year he was messing around and he acted like he was going to punch me in the stomach, and I jokingly said "you're going to hurt the baby" and after that he kept asking me if I was pregnant. I kept telling him no, but he kept asking so one day I asked him why he kept asking and he said "because if you are that was supposed to be my baby." And he was dead serious. Little did I know I was pregnant, and when he found out he thought I had lied to him and he was mad at me. After awhile he started trying to talk to me again because we had a class together, and he would ask me questions like when is it due? boy or girl? what are you going to name it? stuff like that..
    Guess what? Now his girlfriend that he had all this time is pregnant.. go figure.
    As for the other guy.. he didn't even know I had been pregnant until Grace was two months old because we had lost touch.. the scary thing is that he kept track of my number all this time.
    As anyone of my friends.. I have this weird thing about me that if a guy gets close to me he falls in love with me. No matter who they are.. Chris' nickname before he met me was "loveless" if that tells you anything. I have only dated five guys in my life, and only slept with Chris, but I have had at least ten guys tell me they were in love with me.. It kind of freaks me out.. I only want Chris to love me.. all other guys need to leave me alone.

  3. Hey Girl, first-LOVE the outfit! Second, Miss Grace is HIGH maintenance. We were gone to Kentucky almost a week and Sami had like one bag. lol.