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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our new life..

So we are all settled in now. I had pics, but I am dumb and forgot to put the memory card in my camera so they are saved to my camera instead of a memory card, so I can't put them on the computer because the camera cord is at the apartment and I am at my moms. I just finished orientation for college. Grace stayed with my mom today.. it was the longest I have ever left her anywhere.. about 9 hours :( But I got all my classes scheduled. I go Monday through Thursday for 12:15 to 2:55, so it's really not that bad. I was surprised.. I really thought it would be like six hours a day. But she said that was full time so that is fine with me!

As far as the apartment goes.. everything is set up now. We ended not getting that entertainment center, because Chris' mom gave us one for free. It's kind of old and ugly, but it was free so it works for now. Less money we have to spend. I also got my bookshelf and all the picture frames up, so everything is done. The cable/internet people are coming the 26th, but I still won't have internet until the 7th of next month because I don't get my laptop until the 6th of next month (tax free day.. I planned that on purpose so I don't have to pay the tax money). We are also getting a table soon that Chris' mom found for us. I am kind of nervous about it because I haven't seen it yet, but again.. it's free. So I will live with whatever it is lol.
We still need a toy box, lots of electrical outlet covers, and some curtains, but those aren't mandatory things. We probably won't be able to get those things for awhile because we have tons of birthdays coming up! My mom's, sister's, and Christian's (Morgan's son) are all next month, Sami's is in September, and Cayle is having his party in October, and then there is Grace's and Chris' in November, so we are birthday booked lol. I'm excited though!

Hopefully I will get to post pics of the finished product soon. My friend Ashley is coming over tonight to see it. She will be our first house guest since we got it all together :)
Can't wait until I have internet again.

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  1. That's awesome. Yeah free stuff is good but sometimes it doesn't look as nice as you would want it but less money. Dont feel bad. I still dont have curtains. But I dont know if they would be a good idea since Charleigh likes to climb. It really sucks that you wont be on the internet for a while. Wow that is a lot of have one every month coming up then after the birthday's in November you have x mas in December o and that is when my baby will be born. :)