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Thursday, July 8, 2010

So the vacation was not what I expected..

The first day was nice.. we checked into the hotel and got all our stuff in.We rested for a few minutes and watched some tv and then we all went swimming. Grace is actually starting to kick her feet in the water. I think she is going to be a natural swimmer. After we got done swimming we went to the room and ate some food. That was pretty much the end of the fun.. My mom and my grandmother don't agree on how my mom raises Cheyenne.. which honestly I don't either.. she will be five in a month and she still drinks from a bottle, sucks on a pacifier, and isn't potty trained.. plus she whines constantly.. so my mom and my grandmother were constantly fighting about that and my sister would get upset and start crying.. Then that night Grace didn't want to go to sleep because she was in a new place, so we were up half the night.. and then at like 1 am my sister started whining about wanting a bottle and wanting to go home.. my mom didn't even say anything to her, and all my grandmother did was tell her to hush 27 times so I ended up having to try to take care of her and Grace. Then after Grace finally went to sleep at 3 am my mom got up at 6:30 and pulled the curtains open and woke Grace up with the bright light because the room had been completely dark. Not to mention my mom had to complain about every little thing. The air conditioner wasn't working in the lobby, so she complained about that. The bathroom was "too small," the orange juice was hot, the room wasn't clean enough, the hospitality room was too small, the owners weren't nice enough.. she complained about absolutely everything. And then that morning when we wanted to go shopping my mom made us put everything in the closet because "someone would steal it." Then we went shopping. I got to go to the Carter's Outlet! That part was fun for me.. I got Grace six new outfits, a pair of shorts, and a pair of shoes for $60! And one of those outfit is going to be her birthday outfit! Here is a pic of it..

Then we went to eat at this restaurant that was pretty neat. It was on the water and it had these enormous tables, but of course my mom didn't like the restaurant for some unknown reason.. the food tasted great to me! Then we went to a Christmas shop and I got Grace a bowl with her name on it, a keychain with her name on it, a necklace with a G on it, a bracelet with her birthstone in it (the jewelry is actually for babies. It's so cute!), and an ornament with her name on it (I love monogrammed stuff)! We also went to a toy shop where I got Grace a different keychain with her name on it. Then we went to this little kid amusement park type thing for my sister, but my mom started complaining about how she was hurting and feeling sick, so we had to go back to the room after my sister only got to ride two rides. My mom and my grandmother both went to sleep so I took my sister and Grace swimming (my sister swam by herself with her floaty). When we went back up there my grandmother was in mine and Grace's bed... my mom complained that the bed wasn't big enough for both of them, so my grandmother got pushed into our bed :( At least Grace actually went to bed around 11 that night. Then the next morning we went to see the Titanic replica. I thought it was really neat! They gave us a ticket with the name of an actual passenger on there. The lady even gave Grace one. On the ticket it had some facts about the people.. like a background story, how old they were, where they were from, and what class they were in on the boat. Then at the end you went into the memorial room and they had a list of survivors and deceased on the wall, and you could find your name. All of us lived except for my sister.. and Grace had a son that lived too. I did learn that they locked the third class passengers down in the boat, and I almost wanted to cry.. who are they to play God? Why do they get to say that someone who is third class doesn't deserve to live as much as someone who was 1st class? They even had a set of stair with a door blocked by bars, and the lights would flicker and then water would start rushing down the stairs and it started filling up the stair case. It felt like I was really there seeing this water coming in, and all I could think about was Grace.. how would I be able to watch her drown with no possible way to save her? It was just awful.. I can't imagine how hard it was for the real people who were on the boat trapped down there.
After that we went to TGI Fridays. It was really good! Then we went to a wine place, and I got Grace a cup with her name on it, and I got a caramel apple! Then we went back to that amusement park and I got to ride a water boat thing and an awesome go cart course with my sister. That was pretty fun. Of course the day was filled with complaining by everyone who could.  I am pretty sure Grace had a good time though. And I did have a good time shopping, swimming, riding, and going to the Titanic.

Then we drove home. Grace went to sleep and I did too lol. Then I woke up to her crying :( She wanted out of the seat so bad, but we still had like 20 minutes until we got home. She was so glad to be home. Then Chris showed up to see us. It was really sweet.. he came to welcome us home. I didn't even know he was coming.. I love surprises. He stayed til like 1 am. I wanted him to stay so bad, but I knew my mom wouldn't go for that so he had to go home :(


                                                                 On the way there:

Playing in the room:


Driving around the town:


A cool fountain:

The Titanic:

In the Titanic gift shop:

On the way home:

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  1. Sorry it wasn't that great. I know how you feel. Our vacation is coming up in 2 weeks and drews stepmom and dad are going to want us to buy all this stuff and go out to eat but then we have to tell them that we dont have the money and they will get an attitude. They always do. They just don't understand. We wish we could buy stuff for them and take them out to eat but we just can't. Were hoping to have enough money for gas to get there and back. My husband only makes $9 an hour and his checks go to rent, electric, computer and internet (we need for school),diapers, wipes,etc. Then my baby sitting money goes to milk, diapers and wipes for 2 if he's not able to get them which usually happens, food, etc. We hardly ever have money to save. That's the hardest part about being young and having children.