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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Uggg.. house hunting is sooo stressful!

We are going to pick up that baby furniture today.. Also found out that the baby be is convertible if we do decide to move Grace to a toddler bed. We just CANNOT pass this up! But unfortunately I feel that this forces us to get a three bed room. There is no way we can fit it all in one room with Grace's stuff.

We are going to look at another place today. We know that it is a trailer, and I looked it up on googlemaps and it appears that it is in a tailer park. Unforunately the more we look into things it is looking like all we will be able to afford is another apt or a trailer. We are seriously tired of living in an apartment, and it gets worse and worse everyday. Chris can't even play his Kinect because the people under us threaten to call the cops. Plus for some reason apartments around here are hard to find in a 3 bedroom. We just cannot afford a house. I really wish we could, but at this point we can't. I feel like a trailer is shaping up to be our only option. However, the one we are going to look at tomorrow is a 2005 model, and super nice! It also has washer and dryer hookups which would be a life saver with the new baby (we would only have to buy a washer because my grandmother has an extra dryer). It's a 3 br so they would have their own rooms, and even though it's in a trailer park if all the trailers are as nice as this one it will be a better area then we live now. It is also closer to my parents and Chris' parents.. but further than my school. It's in our price range, but more expensive than we pay now. I just don't know.. Chris says the newer trailers ar made a lot nicer.. this one has siding on it.. like the nice stuff on houses!
I just want the best for my children. I feel like giving them their own rooms is best, and I also feel like once I get my job in a few years we can find a new place, and they won't even be old enough to remember living in a trailer. I know trailers aren't the worst thing in the world.. I just don't want my children to be judged because of where they live. It's sooooo hard. Pray for us guys! I really need some guidance here.

I also have my doctor's appointment today at 2:10.. can't wait!! Watch for updates about the appointment, furniture, and house hunting :) Busy day today!


  1. I know you don't want to live in a trailor, but you are doing what is best for the babies. Just remember that. I don't resent my parents for us living in a trailor until I was 8. They were just doing what they had to do. Everything will turn out fine. What about Ashley's Uncle?

  2. They wont be mad at you. Dont worry about it. When they are old enough to truly understand they will be proud to say that their mother made the best choice for them.