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Friday, February 4, 2011

Good news!!

So we went and looked at the place I was talking about.. it is in a trailer park, but it is the nicest on I have ever seen! Everyone had nice cars and all of the trailers were new. It was like a little community.. there's a pool, a playground, and a basketball court. It was a 3 br, with a washer and dryer room, and it's a green home so it's supposed to be energy efficient.. saving something like $500 a year. We got there just in time.. there were two people that came in behind us, and they had to turn down the third person because they didn't have anymore open. Then two people called about it and he had to turn them down too.. We went ahead and put down our deposit.. it's soooo nice! Hardwood floors, washer and dryer hookups, nice sized rooms, a big bathroom, I could go on and on. Plus we will have a playground across the street and a free pool! I think the babies will love it! I am excited. I didn't think I would ever be able to except a trailer, but this is not what I was picturing when I thought of a trailer. We are supposed to start moving in on Monday. Only thing that sucks is we have to pay half of our rent for this place (at least he's not making us pay the whole thing). Luckily my Pell is going to help out with that.

Also the baby is doing well. They said it had a strong heartbeat :) I was glad  to see that because I was hurting some yesterday and it worried me, but he said that is pretty normal with women who have been pregnant more than once.
 It is measuring at 11 weeks and 1 day, which is like 5 days bigger then it is supposed to be lol. It's a big baby :)


  1. Sounds like a good place. The pool sounds nice! lol.
    Wow. I can't believe you are already that far! Doesn't seem like me anyway. I am sure it feels like an eternity to you. lol.

  2. Well I am technically only 10 weeks and 5 days, but it's measuring a little ahead. I'm going to stick with what it measures at because it'll come earlier lol.
    And yes it definitely feels like an eternity! It feels like an eternity just until we find out what it is.. lol.

  3. i think its a boy. congrats on your new place.!

  4. It looked like it had something between it's little legs lol. I know it's just wishful thinking though because it hasn't formed those parts either way yet lol.

  5. Awesome place. Now the babies can have their own room. And great news on the baby. unfortunately there is a whole lot more pain with subsequent pregnancies due to weak muscles but you start to kinda get use to the aching. Cant wait to have the proof in front of us to tell us its a HIM!!!

  6. Yea I was scared all day. I kept checking every five minutes for blood. And I kept reminding myself that I had a doctors appointment the next day. I was this way with Grace too though. I would have dreams that I miscarried her.. at least that hasn't happened this time.

    And I can't either!! I'm excited that he's measuring ahead, that means we can find out sooner! It's only like 3 days ahead though lol.

  7. I did that too. Especially after the bleeding at 6 weeks with ely. Scared me to death.

    We saw some really cute outfits for brentley at carters yesterday. I wanted to get some so Drew said to go ahead and grab some but I was afraid that i would have jinxed it. haha.