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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So upset..

So we were supposed to get our internet yesterday, but they didn't have a router, so they couldn't. They told us to go pick one up, but when we went there the people told us that we would have to order one and it is going to take 4-5 days to get here! That's why I never posted again yesterday. I am using the internet at my school right now during my time between classes. I have 20 minutes before my next class. We are pretty close to having everything set up. I managed to study for my music test and get some unpacking done yesterday. I was proud of myself :p And I think I did pretty good on the music test too. Just got done taking it. School is really stressful this semester though.. I had to turn in a 7 page paper yesterday, and I had an exam in my English class. I just took my music exam and I have a biology quiz I have to go take after my next class. Then tomorrow I have a biology exam (not sure how I'm  going to do on that). Then I have an American Government exam on Thursday. I also have a concert posting to due over the weekend as well as practicing for my presentation that is due Monday. SOOOO much work!! It has been really hard to keep up with it all during all of this moving business. After school I have to go return our cable boxes and old modem because we have to switch to a different company. I also have to go to the post office and have or mail forwarded and to our old landlords office to return the keys.. Again, so much to do!! Plus I have to study for my biology exam at some point today.
Luckily my nausea has pretty much subsided. I still can't eat a lot, but I don't feel sick all the time. At this point I have lost 9 lbs since I got pregnant. I do get a lot of heart burn though. And also, Chris and I both decided yesterday that my tummy is starting to stick out a little. I will post pics when we get our own internet at home because I don't want to fool with bringing the camera here.

And also yesterday was valentine's day, but I had to spend the first part of my day switching the water to our names and then I had to spend 5 hours at school. When I got home we dressed Grace in her cute little valentine's day outfit and went to eat at Chili's (we had a $25 gift plus a coupon for a free kids meal,which Grace will eat now.. makes me sad that she is growing up so quickly. She even feeds herself with a spoon, and gets mad if you don't let her). Anyway.. Chris got me some tulips (I am not a rose person, so he gets me something different every year. Last year it was lily's), a stuffed monkey, and some chocolates. I got Chris a coffee mug that you can write on because he has just recently decided he likes coffee, and some Reece's because those are his favorite. Then we got Grace a valentine's balloon, some chocolate covered animal cookies, a valentine's rubber duck, and the book "I Am The Big Sister." I will post pics of our valentine's day as well when I can.

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