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Monday, February 21, 2011

With so much talk of the new baby..

I wanted to give an update on Grace..

She just had her 15 month check up this past Thursday (it was supposed to be earlier in the month, but we had to move it do to all the craziness we had with moving). It was amazing because she was all happy in the waiting room. She was being her outgoing self and pointing at the fish and trying to make friends with a little boy that was there, but then we got called back. I put her on the scale and she seemed fine.. then I picked her up and the lady tried to take her temperature, and she started leaning into me and fussing. Then we went back into the exam room and she freaked.. she started trying to get out the door, and was fussing the whole time we were in there. Then her doctor came in and she was fine until her doctor pulled out the light they use to look in their eyes.. she freaked out again, and it got worse when she actually had to touch her to listen to her heart. It was just so weird because this time she knew where we were, and I guess she was associating touching with shots (which she did have to get one and she was not thrilled at all). It is amazing to see her making connections like that though. She knew the exam room was the "bad" part. Good news though.. she's completely healthy and apparently ahead for her age. She is in the 75th for her weight and 95th for height.. she has finally gone down in the weight. Last time we went she was technically overweight. But she is still growing like a weed.. going to be tall like Chris (he's 6'2").

I can really tell she is growing up though. She is talking so much more now.. We have been working on the ABC's. She loves when I sing it to her, and we are making progress because at first she would say "a d d" but now she can say "a b" usually followed by "d d" but sometimes we get "a b c d." Also the day she got the "b" was the day that she said "ball" and "baby" for the first time. Ball is now her favorite word. She says it all the time! She also loves to say "here you go" "thank you" and "I love you"
And just yesterday she learned that if she grabs my hand she can get me to follow her. It's so cute!
Her favorite things to do are play with her balls, dance, watch Barney or Word World, and dress up. She absolutely LOVES to dress up. She likes hats, sunglasses, necklaces, and bracelets for now. She doesn't know how to dress herself yet, but she is really good at putting on those things. Oh and she also loves shoes. She can't put them on by herself yet, but she will make us put them on. It is not odd to come home from school and find her in her diaper with shoes and necklaces on lol.
She will dance to any music there is.. rap, rock, country, Christian, children's.. But just today she has actually started attempting to mimic the motions on Barney. She will try to do the motions to "The Green Grass Grows All Around," "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "If You're Happy and You Know It." She was also clapping along to "BINGO." Oh and for several days now she has been dancing along to "I Love You" at the end of Barney. She will grab my hand and we have to sway back and forth, then she will give me and hug and kiss when it says to. It's so cute!
She also loves the baby in my tummy. She will come up and move my shirt and kiss the baby or blow on my tummy lol. The only thing is she thinks there is a baby in daddy's tummy too LOL! She will do the same to his tummy if he is sitting next to me. She will go back and forth between us.
She is also an outdoor girl... which I am not. I like to sit inside. She gets the outdoor thing from her daddy. I took her out to play with her big ball the other day, and she wanted nothing to do with it because she wanted to go exploring lol. We must have walked around our yard for 30 minutes. She wanted to go further, but I wouldn't let her because she would be going in other people's yards. Then yesterday, it was a little bit colder outside, so I didn't want to take her out, and she was furious lol. She kept going over to the door messing with the handle, and she would get so mad when she couldn't figure out how to get out.

Speaking of figuring things out.. there is nothing that is child proof around this child. She can get markers open, water bottles open, and now she can get child safety caps open. She got open one of the bottles of my prenatal vitamins and a bottle of mouth wash! Luckily I caught her with both before she could ingest either one. I am really going to have to watch her carefully now. Trust me I don't normally leave that stuff lying around, but it was when we were moving and had everything strolled everywhere.. We still have a lot of stuff everywhere, but I made sure to get that stuff put up quick.

She also has another tooth now. This tooth has been a nightmare.. she's had fevers, a runny nose, drooling, and fussiness, but it has come through finally. I think it was so bad this time because it was one of the bigger teeth in the back.

My Spring Break is coming up after this week and we are hoping to get everything done in the new place and I want to take her to the Creative Discovery Museum. I am hoping that it is nice outside so maybe we can walk around and stuff. I just love going downtown. And I really think she will enjoy the museum even more this time because she is so much more interested in learning and she can walk really well now. Last time she was just learning to walk and they were in the process of changing the special exhibit they have, so we got jipped on an exhibit. This Spring Break will be nice.. thank goodness it didn't snow anymore because they were going to start taking days out of our break. I would have been so sad..

Sorry there aren't any pictures, but I am at school in between classes right now, so I don't have my camera.


  1. Wow she is getting big. I remember when you posted that she was just crawling.
    Thats awesome she like playing outside. Both Kaedyn and Charleigh love it outside. They run around like crazy. But they get it from both Drew and I. I can't stand to sit inside. I love to feel the sun on my face. Haha.
    Ut Graceis growing so big and fast and is so smart. I remember when Kaedyn recognized he was at the doctors...he begged and screamed when the nurse came n and clang to me that we literally had to peel him off. He kept saying that he was sorry and saying please mommy please. It killed me.

  2. Oh ya! I couldn't believe how much she had grown when I saw her the other day! She has just gotten so big. I remember when Samantha first started doing all that. I used to send you videos of her dancing to Barney. lol.
    Samantha and I LOVE outside! We have been out there every day since it started warming up. I hate being stuck inside! It kills me!

  3. I just don't like going outside because the sun instantly bakes me. If I stay out too long I will look like a lobster. Even if I put on sunscreen I will eventually sweat it off so I have to keep reapplying it.

    But yes, she is growing soooo fast! I love watching her grow, but I hate knowing that she is growing up if that makes any sense..

  4. That sucks. I've never had a sun burn and never have worn sunblock. Kaedyn is the same way.
    And I makes since. Me and Brittany are right there with you.

  5. LUCKY!!! Lol. My dad is Irish.. red hair, green eyes, freckles, pale white skin tone.. I got the freckles and pale white skin tone.. like close to albino. I do not tan at all, and I get lucky if I don't sun burn. There has NEVER been a summer that I did not get a sunburn. My dad actually has skin cancer.. it's not the serious kind, but it is skin cancer.. that is how delicate our skin is.
    Grace again is like Chris though.. he walks outside in winter and comes back in a shade darker. Might as well be Mexican during the summer. Grace is apparently the same way. She is still tan from last summer.

    I love that I am going to have a new tiny little baby, but then I that it is going to grow up just like Grace lol. It's so sad, but happy at the same time. I guess I should be thankful that Grace is healthy.. some people don't ever get to watch their children grow up.

  6. I don't ever burn either. I have, but I don't usually. I don't get really dark either, like Jessie and Samantha. She is the same. She even tans in the winter. Right now, she has a really pretty tan. I am so jealous! lol.

  7. LOL!!!! Drew burns easy but never really tans. HAHA!!! I have a natural tan though it has faded some after having babies. I wonder why??/ Kaedyn stole it all. Charleigh has pretty much been white from the beginning but she tans in the summer and keeps it for a good while. Kaedyn was born tan (he stole it from me) and is just tan all year round though in the summer he gets really dark. I have been ask multiple times if he was mixed..haha!! my mom said she use to get the same question about me. ellanoa was born tan also but after being in the hospital and having so much blood taken she lost most of it =(