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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Change of plans..

We bought our own router lol. We were going to have to pay $7 a month to rent a router from the company, so we decided to just buy one for $55, which saves us money in the long run, and now I have internet again!! Unfortunately we can't get the internet to run through the xbox for some reason.. Now we can't stream Netflix in the livingroom.. only the bedroom. Which stinks because Grace doesn't go in our bedroom (there is too much stuff she can mess with in there so we keep the door shut. Netflix was supposed to be our alternative to cable, since we can't really afford it here. Now we are going to have to pay to get another cord to connect it to the router (and hope that is the problem because if there is something wrong with the xbox we are just out of luck).

Anyway.. as promised..

We have had a really warm week.. I LOVE it!! We took Grace to the playground in our neighborhood..

This was Valentine's Day at Chili's.
Grace was eating her chocolate covered animal cookies after she opened her presents.

This is her with her own cup.. growing so fast!

This is her Valentine's Day outfit.

Now I have a couple of videos that I took just a little bit ago.. I think you guys will enjoy them.
Please ignore the mess.. as I said earlier, we aren't completely set up yet..

This is Grace giving the baby a kiss :)

This is Grace dancing while I sing the ABC's, and then she sings her vesion of the ABC's :)


  1. She looks so darn cute. I could just kiss her chubby cheeks. That sucks about netflix. We have had no cable before...not fun...even though we don't really watch It.
    Grace has gotten so big!!!! She is so adorable. Loved the videos.

  2. I only have two shows that I really watch every week, and both of those play online, so we are just going to pay for internet. Grace has tons of movies and Netflix has a kids section.. we just got to get it to work lol. We can still get the dvd's, but we want to stream it on the xbox because you can watch suff instantly. They have thousands of things on there and you only pay one monthly price.

    I love that she will kiss the baby! I'm not sure if she really knows, but she likes the praise lol.

  3. The kisses thing is cute! That sucks you can't stream into the living room. We just got Netflix, LOVE it! But if ya'll ever do decide to get cable again, dish network has a good deal. We are only paying $30.00 a month, but we get all the extras HD TV, DVR, extended channels, etc. They have a cheaper package. And they have great customer service. AND they are WAY better than Charter.
    Anyway, LOVE the pics. That playground is cute. And she is getting big! I am glad that her and Samantha are able to play more now.