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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sad :(

Now I don't know what to do.. I called my school and they said that HOPE and PELL are still available the summer, but since I went full time in the fall and spring PELL will not pay me anymore, and HOPE will only cover part of it.. that pretty much means I cannot go in the summer, and I will fail if I go in the fall. What am I supposed to do?? I hate the thought of having to completely skip a semester, and my family is going to be very upset because they aren't going to believe that I am going to go back in spring of next year. I'm hoping I can possibly take just a like 2 classes if nothing else. I have to talk to them more about it.

Plus without that PELL money, like I have talked about before, we are going to be tight for money when it comes to special occasions.. I do have one option for money, but I am not to fond of it. Chris's mom work in a nursing home and says she can get me a weekend job, but it's a full time weekend job. I would have to quit my other job.. I have been there for 4 years and I do not want to quit. I like it there, and even though it's only one day a week the pay is good.
The pay is good at this other place too, but that means I will have no time with Grace.. I will be out of the house every single day of the week. The weekends were my free time with her. Plus after the end of this year I won't need that job anymore, and then I would be out of my other job that I would like to keep.
Also, the job is like helping elderly people do stuff.. I am not good with vomit, so if any of them throw up I will be throwing up too. And I have never changed an adult's diaper.. I just don't know if I can do that. These are reasons I decided not to go into the medical field.

My dad has a college fund for me, so I could go to college with the money. It could cover what HOPE doesn't.. I am really leaning more toward going to college with those two things combined, and then possibly trying to find a one day a week job at another place.. a job that I would only have to work on Saturday or Sunday.. of possibly after 3 on a week day. And then any money I get from that would be put away for birthday's, baby shower's, and Christmas. I know a job like that is hard to come by though.. one that will only make you work one day a week, plus with me bein pregnant it'll be even harder to find.. I really think that is better for me though. Then I wouldn't have to quit my other job, we would still get some extra money, and I would have time to spend with Grace.. I would have at least one free day a week.
Even working in a fast food restaurant is not beneath me if it means giving my children a good life.
Chris' friend is possibly going to be able to get him another job, but we are not counting on it.. I just don't know what to do..

I need advice guys! Which option do you think is best for me??

UPDATE: I just looked at the options I have for classes, and the best options for me would be to just take two classes. I will be there from 12-3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the middle of May to the middle of June.. which isn't so bad, but then starting in the middle of June I will have to be there from 12-7. I don't want to be gone for 7 hours a day, but it's only two days a week, and I will only have to be gone for 7 hours for one month. If I don't do this option I really have no other options except going every single day and having to come home in between class due to how far apart they are. If I did that it would cost me a fortune in gas. I think I am just going to plan on doing this and possibly looking for a one day a week job. Do you guys think that sounds like a good idea?


  1. Oh gosh. That is tough. If I were you, I would use the money in the college fund, especially since it can only be used for college anyway. Also, I wouldn't worry about family. I am sure that my family isn't too proud of me at times. In fact, I know they aren't happy that I am getting a job so Jessie can go back to school, but I know what is best for my family, not them. If you know you will go back in the Spring, go for it! If you think you need to keep going, do that. Maybe Chris can find something.

  2. I would just use the college money. Unfortunately that is the way it is with me and drew. We don't want to miss summer semester but we don't have any college funds. Yea don't worry about your family. You know they are wrong. I get crap all the time but here I am 3 babies and college.

  3. I was looking at what classes I need to get in the education program and I only have 5 classes left, so I'm going to take two in the summer and three in the spring. Then in the fall I will hopefully have the grades to get into the education program. I'm hoping HOPE will pay all of it since it is only two classes I'm wanting to take in the summer.
    Also, Chris is going to talk to his mom and see if it is possible for me to get a job just working Sat. and Sun. vs. Fri. - Sun. If I could get that it would be perfect.

    I know it doesn't matter what my family says, but it still hurts. My dad has absolutely no faith in me. He doesn't say it in so many words, but I can tell.

  4. I hope it all works out. But believe me...times get though and they dont ever stop you just have to keep pushing through.

    Yeah I understand the family thing alright. No one is ever on our sides but it just gives us a little more motivation.

  5. Wow. You don't have many classes left to get in. That's awesome.
    I get what you are saying about the family thing. No support here either, not just for college, but for anything. It doesn't motivate me really. It just makes me angry. lol.