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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Warm weather..

I know I just posted too, but Jessika's post about warm weather reminded me.. the air conditioner in my car is out. I am terrified that it is going to be really expensive to get it fixed, but I can't make Grace suffer in that heat. It went out at the end of last summer and she was miserable. I didn't have to money to get it fixed, so we just had to sweat it out.. literally. This time I still have about $900 left from my PELL (we spent A LOT of it on getting my tires and alignment fixed and on moving in here). I want to at least take it and get it looked at because not only will Grace be suffering, but it stays hot through the end of Sept./beginning of Oct. here, so the new baby would have to suffer too. Only thing is, I'm worried it will go out again. I've already had it "fixed" once, and it went out again. I don't want to spend a boat load of money for nothing. Of course last time my grandmother got me to take it to a family friend.. I don't think he fixed it right in the first place. I want to take it to a shop this time. I just really hope it's not the compressor because that's like $1000! I don't want to use all of my PELL on this..
It is already getting warm here though.. cracking the windows works for now, but I don't know how quickly it's going to get warm. I just really hate the thought of using all of my PELL. Last time we didn't use it all until about 2 weeks before I got more. Now I'm afraid we won't have that to fall back on. I just hate that feeling.

Especially since we haven't gotten everything for the new baby yet. We do have the crib, crib matress, changing table, and dresser at least. But we still need a car seat, bed set, and clothes for sure. We have small things like a Boppy (it can be boy or girl), and we have some other small things like burp cloths and toys. I would also like to get a bouncer and a glider, plus the double stroller if possible. For the things we have to have at least $300. Luckily I will get somethings at the shower, but I doubt anyone will buy the car seat or bed set.. of course I recieved both of those things as gifts at Grace's shower, but this is the second baby. I don't know how people will feel about buying expensive things for us this time. If it is a boy they may be more apt to then not because they will know that we don't have boy stuff. I guess we'll find out.

And then there are things like the baby shower (my family said they would help with that though), Grace's birthday party, and Christmas. We are really going to have to save up our money this year. I know we'll figure it out somehow.

One the other hand, things are looking up with school! I made a 104 on my music exam, a 99 on my biology exam, a 92 on my liturature exam, and a 93 on my biology presentation!! I also took my American Government quiz today, and I think I did pretty good on it. All I have left this week is a short story to read by tomorrow and a music quiz.. the music quiz is looking pretty hard though. I'm nervous about it.. we have to remember over an hour of music plus the composers and titles of the peices. It's a lot, but I'll do my best. Then after that is my Spring break!!!!


  1. Believe me you will be fine though it doesn't seem like it at times. Just think about me and Drew. We do it with 3 babies. You just have to get smart with money...not saying that you already aren't.
    That sucks about your car. I really hope that it doesn't cost that much.
    You are so smart. I wish I could make grades like that but unfortunately I am failing all my classes. Yep...I'm screwed. I can't drop without it effecting my financial aid. I will go on probation. And HOPE is about to do away with the forgiveness policy meaning that I can't make my classes up and that I can not reapply for hope when my gap is back up. It sucks... I have a 3.7 and that is about to drop drastically.

  2. Wow that really sucks about your grades.. it's not your fault though.. you just have so much on your plate. If you had a 3.7 before you must be pretty smart. What are you going to do?

  3. I have no idea. It sucks really bad. I kinda got behind while Ellanoa was in the hospital. Plus I have all foreign teachers that lecture on forever in a foreign accent

  4. Eww that sucks. One of my friends has a foreign professor right now, and she says it sucks too. Maybe all these changes will take awhile and you can get through before they make the changes.. I'm hoping for that with this summer.. this is the only summer I want to take classes. I am really hoping I can.