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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grace's Halloween Costume!

I just ordered it online :)
I found it on a website.. for $7 less than, and the shipping was only $2.99. I paid less for the costume and shipping then I would have for the costume alone on I am pretty excited!!
It says it should be here sometime around Sept. 12th, but I pre-ordered the costume because they don't have it in stock yet, so they said it may take longer depending on when they get it in stock, but as long as it gets here before halloween I don't mind lol.
Oh and it's the rose one I posted about before.. She is going to look precious! I am hoping to find some shoes that match it pretty well because by halloween I am positive she will be walking full time. She can already walk across the room without falling.. she is still slow and wobbly, but she can do it!
@Jessika.. I am pretty sure I saw the costume that you want for Charleigh on that website too.. they had just about every costume in the world lol.. they probably have the one you wanted for Kaedyn too. You should check on there.. everything was cheaper! Chrissy.. you too because I bet they would have the ones you want for your boys as well. Even if they don't have them in stock they will let you pre-order them.. all the other websites I tried wouldn't.

I'm excited for halloween now!! I still need to find her a costume for Cayle's party, but my budget for that is $20.. no more. So I'll probably just go to Wal-Mart or Target.. I really need to stop ordering stuff online.. it's just so much easier now because the only thing we live near is a Wal-Mart.. all the party stores, Target, and Toys R Us are 30 minutes away, so we don't get to go out there very much anymore.

Speaking of far away.. Chris and I are going to take Grace to the Creative Discovery Museum on the 9th because it is free to anyone.. which means it will be crowded, but free is good.. especially since we live 45 minutes away now! We are going with Erica, Adam, Cayle, Morgan, Christain, and possibly Josh, so it is going to be fun!! Can't wait for that either :)


  1. That costume is so cute. I will definitely check out that website. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Grace is going to look soo cute halloween. For some reason..i kinda wanna make Cayle a lion. I dunno haha. Adam is going to be gone for three weeks for a trip for work. They're paying him really well for it. He'll be in three different cities. :/ I'll miss him but heyy it'll be good for him.

  3. p.s. I'll be at grace's party. For SURE. I invited brittney and sami too.