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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yet another Bristol Palin blunder..

This girl is following in Kate Gosslin's footsteps, and letting the fame go to her head. The commercials were bad enough, then she made appearances on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and now I just saw a commercial showing that she is going to be one of the stars on this season of Dancing With the Stars. Who is taking care of her son through all these TV appearances?? Gahh.. she just gets annoys me to end. No wonder she has no problem degrading teen moms in her commercials.. she doesn't know what really being a teen mom is. She stated that in her own commercials.. if she "didn't have famous parents" and "all those opportunities" she would be no where.. and now she is leaving her son who is still very young so she can become famous? She is just awful..


  1. Amen. I noticed that in a magazine a couple weeks ago. I couldnt believe it. Your right. she has NO idea what it is truely like. I believe she still acts like an immature little teenager only thinking about herself. There is no way I would give up time with my children or my responsibility(that I LOVE by the way) to go try a shot at fame. That is not motherly in the least bit. She is putting herself first. I always put them first...second and third.

  2. Lol same here without the second and third part.. just first for now.
    You know who I really like? Jamie-Lynn Spears. After she got pregnant she dropped off the tv scene.. You never see her in the tabloids or anything because she is too busy being a mom and a fiance.. which is how it should be.

  3. I agree. She is doing what she should be and thank God she isnt following in her sisters footsteps.

  4. Ohh yes.. her sister is a whack job.. those poor boys. I really hope she is getting her act together.