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Friday, September 10, 2010

Officially lost all faith in the police department..

So I was at work today.. there was a guy who came in and it was so obvious that he was drunk from the beginning. He kept going out to the parking lot and coming back in (which is what people usually do when they are drinking because we do not allow alcohol inside), but then I noticed something sort of strange (I can see the parking lot from where I sit), the guy was standing at a car about two cars down from mine, and he kept pulling at the door handle.. he pulled really hard one final time and then walked off. I thought it was suspicious, but I knew he was drunk so I thought maybe he was so drunk he couldn't figure out how to get in his car. Then, about 20 minutes later a man came up to my window and said that he just went to his truck (it was dark by this time) only to see someone standing next to it with the passenger door open.. he yelled, and the man ran. Immediately that drunk guy popped into my head. He had actually made it into someone's car, but I had no proof. A little while later the drunk guy came back in, but there was nothing I could do.. then he went back out so I watched him like a hawk. He was getting in a white car, then he started it and tore out of the parking lot like there was a fire. I was thinking well at least he's gone.. then about an hour later I saw him walking across the parking lot.. great he's back, and the weird thing.. he had changed from a black shirt to a red shirt.. even weirder.. he was holding what looked like a really bloody towel! About 5 minutes later he walked back out with a girl who could barely stand up, much less walk. It was ridiculous.. she looked like she was going to puke at any second. I watched them walk into the parking lot, but it was dark so I couldn't see them go very far (we had a security guard following them though). Then about 5 minutes later there he was walking from the other side of the parking lot.. we had called the cops and they were on there way, but they weren't there yet.. all of a sudden here came the girl.. she said that he couldn't remember where he parked and they couldn't find the car, and he told her to stay put and he would come pick her up.. by the time he got back to where we were the cop had come. He started asking the guy a bunch of questions.. the guy was studdering his words and could barely hold his eyes open.. he managed to tell my boss what sort of car he had and my boss hopped on his four wheeler to go find it.. he found it pretty quickly and they walked over there. The guy said he didn't think that was his car, and he had to be convinced to try his key in it (that is how drunk the guy was!), it was his car.. here comes the absolutely appauling part.. the cop let them get in and drive off!!! This is not a guy who forgot to put his seatbelt on, this is a guy who was obviously way over the legal limit.. not to mention we had eye witnesses to attempting to break into cars (btw, it was a bloody towel. His hand was messed up bad.. probably from busting someone unlcuky person's car window in) (and when the security guard was following him he tried to get into four cars, none of which were his). The cop just let the guy go.. if nothing else he wasn't protecting them from themselves, but he was also putting innocent people at risk. I could understand if he was trying to cut the guy a break and he let someone come pick them up so they didn't have to go to jail, but to let them drive off is just wrong! He didn't even perform any sobriety tests on him.. probably because he would have had to arrest him if it was proven that he was drunk. It was so obvious that the cop just didn't want to spend the time doing what NEEDED to be done.
I made the comment "I will be amazed if he makes it out of the parking lot without wrecking" but I didn't know how close to accurate I was.. he didn't even stop at the end of the parking lot. He just whipped it out in the road, cutting off another car, and almost making them wreck.
I really cannot explain how disappointed I am in that police officer. How can someone be that careless? I knew I had to drive on the road with the potential of having people like them, but I never dreamed that a police officer would allow someone like that to be on the road. Their job is supposed to take people like that off the road.. Gahh... this just really gets under my skin.

In other news.. I got my pell grant return today!! I don't think I have ever had that much money at one time before.. it's nice to feel secure in the event that an emergency happens.
Bad news.. the new place I was trying for Grace's party fell through. I have no idea where I am going to have it now.. I am really stressing about this. I know one thing.. I am glad that I started looking two months early!

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