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Monday, September 13, 2010

Finally figured out everything for Grace's birthday!

We are going to have a birthday half-week lol.
On her actual birthday we are going to take her to PlayWorld, and let her open her Snow White DVD and doll.. I also decided that I am going to make her a cupcake cake for her to have on that day. It will be something special from me to her. I am also going to give her her birthday card on that day, so I can read it without the chaos of the party. The next day we are going to go get her one year/halloween pictures. On Friday we decided that we are going to take her to Shogun for lunch(it's one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook the food right in front of you). I know that sounds weird for a baby, but she has been twice before and she loved it! She loves watching the fire and smoke, and tossing knives and food, etc. and then we are going to take her back to the Discovery Museum because she had so much fun last time! And then of course her party will be on Saturday, and I am pretty sure I found a place for it! I haven't called yet, but I just talked to a girl I know who had her daughter's party there. She said you have to deposit $75, but as long as you clean up you get $50 back, so it really only costs $25, and she said with me doing it two months in advance I should have no problem reserving it. For people who live near here it's the Boynton Preceinct.
Also, I found a place that does the type of cake I want for $1.50 a serving! All the other places I looked at were $2.50 per serving and up.. I am still not entirely set on getting a fancy cake like that though..
Everything is coming together well, but not exactly cheap..
About $100 for the cake (if I get the fancy one), $100 for the decorations, $115 for the presents, and $25 for the reservation.. Almost $400! At least I am breaking it up over several months... presents last month, hopefully reservation this month, decorations next month, and the cakes in November..

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  1. I know how you feel. I didn't even have to buy invites or cake and I bought all the decorations and I STILL spent almost $600.oo between her birthday week and her presents! I know where you are talking about. That place is pretty big. it'll be perfect!