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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Creative Discovery Museum...

It was so much fun!! The babies absolutely loved it!! I can't wait to take Grace back there.. the only thing that I was sad about is that upstairs they usually have some sort of special exhibit that changes from month to month.. well they were in the process of changing it over so there was nothing up there, but hey we didn't pay anything so I'm not complaing. All we had to pay was $5 to park. It is normally $10 per person to get in.
I got lots of pictures and some videos..

Pretend play: Grace loves driving!

Pretend play: the kitchen

Pretend play: Grace (front), Cayle (middle), and Christian (back).

Pretend play: getting ready to slide.

Pretend play: the turtle moved.

Pretend play: infant section

Pretend play: twins!

Pretend play: Christian and Grace

Pretend play: Grace and Cayle

Music section: Grace was trying to make music.

Music section: she didn't know what to think about this lol.

Science section: lightning ball.

Archeology section: Grace was being eaten by a dinosuar!

Rooftop: Grace loved the giant bubbles!

Indoor playground: sliding with daddy

River play: This was Grace's favorite! She kept trying to touch the boys and she was splashing everything. They all had to change clothes before we left lol. Cayle (left), Grace (middle), Christian (right).

Rooftop: Chris took this.. he has always been good at taking pics. I think this is beautiful!


  1. Aww. looks like she had a lot of fun. Cute pics and videos.

  2. yesterday was a lot of fun. and i agree we should swap one day. mine arent very impressive but hey, i try. :) my head is fine. i was just a little dizzy afterwards but no side effects now. haha. im excited for you to buy your first tree. i wanna get your little family some little something this year for sure. :)

    p.s. i commented back on the other comment you left me.

  3. Aww you don't have to do that.. that is so sweet :) I'm glad your head is okay.
    And my scrapbooks arent the best either lol.