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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I hate to say it, but...

I am starting to think that Teen Mom is set up.. I really wish I didn't because I love watching these girls and seeing how they progress, but after watching this weeks episode there is almost no denying it..
When Chris and I were watching the prom scene with Catelynn and Tyler we could not get over how cheap their crowns looked.. Almost like paper or plastic. I do not know any high school that has paper or plastic, but we just figured their school must be really low budget or something. Then, I was at my mom's yesterday, and I had been telling her about Teen Mom (she has never seen it), and the end of it was on when we were flipping through the channels. It was the scene with Catelynn and Tyler winning and I noticed something I didn't notice before. In the background there was a couple dancing, their faces were blurred out, but it was unmistakable, they were both wearing crowns. Really nice crowns. At first I was thinking, well maybe they give the crappier crowns as some sort of underclassmen crowning, but Catelynn and Tyler are seniors. If there was some sort of underclassen crowning Catelynn and Tyler would not have been the ones to get the cheap crowns. This coupled with the fact that when they told Tyler's mom she acted as if it were a joke leads me to believe that MTV set the whole thing up.. probably for ratings. If anyone wants to see what I am talking about the episode is online.. I think the title is Prom Night and it is one of the very last scenes in the episode.

On another note.. Grace's birthday presents came yesterday!! We have them all now :) I am so excited for her birthday. I have been gathering addressed for her invites, but I called the place where I had my baby shower and they haven't called me back. If they don't call I have no clue where I am going to have her party..

Anyway.. we are taking Grace to the discovery museum tonight!! It is going to be so much fun!
I haven't seen Erica and Cayle in awhile, and Adam is going to be there too, so Chris will have someone to talk to :) And Morgan is bringing Christian so all the babies will get to play together. I will post lots of pictures later today.

Also, I had my first exam yesterday. It was in Geography. I didn't have as much time to study as I would have liked, and I know I didn't do as good as I would have liked. It was 25 questions and an essay. I think I did pretty good on the essay, but I guessed on about 10 questions.. I looked back at my notes and I know I got 6 of the 10 right for sure, but I also saw that I got 1 wrong that I was pretty sure I didn't.. I don't think I failed or anything.. it's probably going to be a B.
I have an Algebra exam today, but I am pretty confident about it.
I have also made a couple of friends.. one I have been talking to for a couple of weeks. She just moved here from out of town so she could go to Dalton State.
The other I just started talking to. We had to do a peer review for each others essay, and I found out that she has two kids.. a little boy who is 3 and a little girl who is 1. That is perfect for Grace because they are close in age. I really hope I get to know her better.


  1. Yea Drew and i were thinking the same thing...The way they called Tyler and Catelynn's name and the "burger Crown's." Drew said it was only just a matter of time so that they rates stay good.
    Discovery Museum sounds fun. I wish I had something like that for the babies down here and some friends to go with.
    Sorry about the test but at least you know how he test now and hopefully you get more time to study. I use to read my stuff aloud to the babies. Only way I could get stuff done. I will probably be doing that again once Elly gets here.
    Awesome you made some friends. I made a couple when I was actually going up to the school for classes... mostly boys though...but there was this one girl that had a son who was a yr older that Kaedyn. she would pick me up in the mornings and drop me off. We even started hanging out at each others houses and all. Finally I had a friend in my position. Drew even got her a job up at his work...thats when it went bad... she started all this stuff with him saying i didnt want to be with him and a lot of just nasty things that i never said. They then would text in the middle of the night and he would try to hide it bc he didnt want me to know what she was saying but she would show me at school saying Drew is saying all this stuff just. I think yall should split. He says hes not happy with you. When I confronted him about it he got all mad and started saying well she told me what you said and how you actually feel. Long story short as we were talking we started piecing stuff together. She told me at school that if I wasnt her friend she would have done Drew by now...she liked married men... Drew said at their lunch break she had bought that up and had told him if he wanted to she would follow through. They would just meet up at her house. That same morning she had said that she was going to invite Drew after work to hang otu and talk so he could clear his head. Anyways like I said we put the pieces together and figured out that she set all of it up. It was a bunch of he said she said. Well Drew confronted her. he was not happy. The next day she didnt come back to work...she even stopped coming to school. A couple months later I found out that she was pregnant...and that she was going around saying it was Drew's. Drew about killed her. He said that he would never touch a nasty...a bunch of bad words...and called her out in front of the real babies daddy(who she was with during all this drama going on) and everything. drew said I can prove it. I can show hours at work and have bosses sign off... she backed down. Never heard from her again.
    Sorry about all that. LOL. Was a longer story than i thought it would be.

  2. Jeez, Jessika. That was a crazy story! lol. And ya. I think a lot of it is totally set up. They have to keep things interesting. Nobody wants to see them just doing what they do everyday. Except, I would. I think it would be cool. Anyway, I think they paid Amber to go on vacation because she was only working part time to pay bills. There is no way they could afford a vacation.

  3. That girl sounds psycho! Kind like the girl Chris cheated on me with.. He told her that he wanted to be with me (I was there when he called her and told her) and raise our baby together.. she got really mad and started cussing him out. Saying that she loved him, and he was breaking her heart (they had a one night stand.. I mean come on.. pull youself together girl).
    Then she started saying she was pregnant. She would not let it go. She kept calling him and saying that she had a positive pregnancy test, so he said "okay.. I'll take you to the clinic and we'll get it checked out." Sure enough the test was negative. Then her friend called Chris and said "look I like you so I am going to tell you this to save you a lot of trouble. Chelsea (the girl) is putting bruises on herself and she is going to tell her boyfriend (yes, she had a boyfriend) that you put them there when you raped her." That is how crazy the girl was. Chris called her and told her that he knew what she was doing and that if her boyfriend got near him he would regret it (Chris is pretty strong). Then he had her number blocked. She called from everyone's phone she could get ahold of and had people call for her. I even told her off at one point, but she would just not let it go. Finally she called less and less and eventually stopped, but I am waiting for the day that she tries again.

    Anyway lol.. that sucks that you don't have any friends with kids.. that is pretty much all I have now lol, but I love it. The Discovery Musuem is awesome! They built it when I was little.. it has a waterworks exhibit, a playground, an archeology exhibit, an art exhibit, a music exhibit, an invention exhibit.. the list goes on lol.
    They also have a room for toddlers. It has all sorts of pretend play stuff. I can't wait to take her in there! But I also fear the germs in there. I know she is going to want to stick stuff in her mouth and I know that other kids already have stuck the stuff in their mouths lol.

  4. Brittany I think you are right about the vacation..
    And I have no doubt that they tell their friends and families what to ask them. No friend sit there and says "So, what is it like to be a teen mom?"
    But all of there friends seem to lol.

  5. yeah crazy story I know. I am not one for drama. I cant stand it!!! Yeah they are totally playing out Teen Mom. It sucks because their life isnt what it is really like.