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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trying to cope..

I think I am going to lose my mind.. now that we are getting into the semester I see how much more fast pace college is. I have already had two quizzes and one exam in algebra, one exam and one quiz in geography, one quiz in history, and one quiz in lit. Then, I had a history quiz today, a geography quiz tomorrow, and a lit quiz Thursday. Next week I have a geography exam, a history exam, an algebra quiz, and a 1,500 word essay due. I am really starting to feel the stress and I honestly feel that I am falling behind. I think I am doing pretty well in my algebra class (made a 100 on my exam, wootwoot!), and my lit class, but my other two classes.. ehh... I made a 100 on my geprgraphy quiz, but I am think low 80's on the exam.. I just didn't have the time to study that I wanted to. As for my history class I made a 90 on the first quiz, and I think I did pretty well on this one today, but I am terrified about the exam. I have to have a 100 page book read by Tuesday, and I haven't started it! I am going to try to start reading it between classes and at work on Firday and Chris' mom's on Sunday.. and keep reading it Monday and Tuesday, but I am just terrified that I won't finish it.. There is a short essay question about it on the exam..
Also, Grace has developed a cold and she is extra clingy (she always is when she is sick), so she won't play while I study. I have to wait for her to nap, but with her being sick she doesn't nap very long (has always done that too). Chris has tried to take her to play some, but she will only play for a little while and then want me, and if she doesn't get me she will throw a fit.
Plus trying to keep the apartment clean, cooking dinner.. my stress level is probably an 11 out 10 right now, and I am not someone who gets stressed easy. I actually welcome going to work and to Chris's mom's now because I can study there.
Can someone please tell me how they manage... I feel like everything is falling apart. What am I going to do if I end up failing one of my classes? Found out that Dalton State is ranked like 3rd in Georgia for their level of academics.. no wonder it is getting me. It really wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't so much reading. I just do not have time for that much reading, and I don't know how I am going to make time.

Also, to add one more thing to my plate.. I decided just a few minutes ago that on Saturday we are going to go to my mom's, price all Grace's old stuff, and put it in a local consignment sale coming up. Saturday is the last day to drop stuff off, and you can drop it off until 5pm so I am going to price as much as I can before 5pm and take whatever I have.. That will give us a little extra money.

Anyway.. sorry for ranting, but I just needed to get some of that off my chest, and if anyone has ANY tips I will be glad to take them :)

P.S. Tips about how to make your significant other understand that you are stressed will be welcomed as well..


  1. Ha Ha. You decided to do the sale? You can drop off all week too I think if there is anything you didn't get to price. That is how it has always been.
    Anyway, Sami has always been super clingy, no matter what. Even when she plays on the floor, she has to sit in my lap most of the time. So what I do, is usually read it to her with MUCH great expression to keep her interested. And while I may sound stupid, I come up with some crazy ways to remember things. If I read a question on a quiz, I will usually be able to hear in my head where Sami had repeated some of the stuff I read to her and I know the answer. Or if I do a silly dance to make her laugh, I will remember the song I sang to go with it. In Anatomy, I would say, "Look Sam! My Toe-My tarsals? Your what? My tarsal-toes!" Or something like that. She Loved it, even when she was little and now she is really good at that sort of stuff. Maybe Miss Grace can learn some History. lol.
    Second, not sure how you would approach Chris, but I know with Jessie, he likes to compete, "Who has the highest stress level." It is irritating. Last week, when Sami was having a hard time, I was about to lose it. I told him that and he said, "Oh ya. Well, it must be nice for that to be the only bad part of your day. Here is what happened to me..." And then he proceeds to tell his story. So, when he got home, I told him straight up how it was. I put him in my position. I said, "Okay, well let me tell you something. It must be nice to be able to get up, have your wife make your breakfast and lunch, go to work, CLOCK OUT, and come home to play video games, play with Sami WHATEVER you wanna do while I cook, clean, and make sure that she is learning the proper things for age and she doesn't get behind again AND has the right teachings to become a good person. I think worrying about the pipe the wires go through is a BIT less stressful than having a child's future in your hands all day." And left it at that...He took me out to dinner that night so I didn't have to cook and we talked and HE, not I took care of Sami.

  2. Well I wish I could say school work gets easier but....
    For me I did what brittany did...Read to them...yea you may sound silly but it is for the benefit of you and them in the long run. I also would put Kaedyn at the table with me(my clingy one) and give him paper and crayons(he actually has those markers that only color on certain paper) and let him go to town. Even at Grace's age he loved to color. They make crayons in the shape of animals and stuff that is perfect for her to grip. Drew and I also put the babies to bed and at times stay up till 3o clock in the morning to get our schoolwork done. I know that that doesnt sound like a lot of sleep...and it isnt but we got our work done...I was afraid that I wasnt going to get anything out of staying up so late and then having to go to school and take care of babies all day but god provided and I totally put my faith in Him to get me through. Charleigh always wants to sit my lap also when I am doing stuff but if she is up there she messes with all the papers or she starts pushing buttons...thats when I decided snack time was a good time for me to get some stuff done. I guess pretty much while you are trying to work your brain you have to work hers to. She wants to be like mommy so you have to give her stuff that will keep her mind stimulated. It might be hard but I promise you can do it. O that reminds me there have been a couple times Drew and I wrote a 10 page paper the night before it was due. Both got 97's. There was plenty of papers that I wrote with one or both of them in my lap. Christina I promise you can do it. It's not suppose to be easy. Just know that you are doing this for her...for a much better life. Also that there are a lot of teen moms that are in your shoes and a lot that have made it through.

  3. As for the Chris understanding...good luck. Like Brittany and Jesse...Drew and I get into the whole who's day was more stressful. It's not a competition. Im not saying that his day doesnt have stress to it...being the youngest manger in there..I know there is pressure Brittany said said and as I bring up to Drew all the time..."I wake up in the morning...hoping for a good day. Sometimes I get it a lot of times I dont. One baby might be happy but the other is grumpy. You do everything like clock work almost. Get them out of bed,change diapers, get them undressed,make breakfast, clean up breakfst and baby(Charleigh),wipe table and kitchen down,get them dressed for the day, then referee/clean/play/study/try not to kill the dogs until snack time, then its the whole feeding cleaning thing all over again,then play till nap time,pray that nap time is around the corner, look at the clock see that it has only been 5 minutes, phone about something...,juggle phone w/ babies becasue they both want to talk with Gammy..oops charleigh hung up...hold crying babies off to dial her back then juggle them again...praise God...only 10 minutes to to pick up toys. have to make juices for when they wake up,got to make Kaedyn's chocolate milk(oval tine) for nap time, find Kaedyn's choo choos b/c he wont lay down without them,change diapers,lay one baby down at a time...hurry before Kaedyn drinks all his milk...breath...go to start some homework...get up to tell Charleigh its night night time...skip forward to them waking up where i have to get them out of bed change diapers, give juice and snack,play and clean, then cook dinner in a tiny kitchen were Charleigh is determined to touch the hot stove,trip over dogs and babies while carrying something hot, get them ready to eat, make plates, clean up toys for the hundredth time and then set the table...right about now Drew walks in where he starts talking about his day..pretend to listen while telling the baies to eat and getting on to Charleigh for throwing food..pick up Drews dirty work clothes that he throws on the to the hamper (what the heck)then make sure he eats and i might get a bite here and there because now the babies are done...clean them up get them dressed and go for our 2 mile walk. Get them in the car go to the play area in the mall then come home give them their final snack,bath them, get them in bed, then clean,then school work...and getting kaedyn to go to sleep...he likes to stay up for hours..this is a normal day when Im not babysitting. I babysit like 4 days a week though so add in another baby and the fact that my belly is growing and everything is a lot harder for me...and of course I'llquote Brittany on this..."I cook, clean, and make sure that she is learning the proper things for age and she doesn't get behind again AND has the right teachings to become a good person. I think worrying about the pipe the wires go through is a BIT less stressful than having a child's future in your hands all day." Only to have him say that he is putting a roof over our heads..omg...seriously...where i come back with a sharp thank you but if it wasnt for my babysitting money you wouldnt have the gas to get to work...then I exit the room before WW3 breaks out. Sorry so long...just trying to show you you are not alone in this long journey of mother and spouse. We are here for you. When you have a bad day...just think of me and Brittany and hopefully that will help pull you through.

  4. Thank you guys.. I have tried the reading thing with grace, but she just won't go for it. She wants to play, be loud, crawl around, grab the pages, but she can't play unless I'm playing with her lol. Listening to me read it just not her thing. I've tried the fun voices and everything..
    As for Drew dropping his clothes beside the hamper.. Chris does the same thing lol.
    I just wish Chris would help me with cleaning and stuff. He washes the dishes about once a week and takes the garbage out and he thinks that is enough.. It would be enough if he would clean up his own messes, but he doesn't, so I have to clean up after him when he leaves his clothes, dishes, garbage, games, etc laying around. It's bad enough that I have to clean up after myself and Grace, but I have to do it for him too, and he is perfectly capable..

  5. I guess at that point, with Sami, I tell her to suck it up, but I use a lot of tough love with her. Luckily, she does Love reading, but if she didn't I would have her cry it out until she learned to play on her own because we get a lot of time together. It isn't like she is starving for attention.
    I always tell Jessie to let me clean up after him because that is my job, but it still bugs me when he puts his clothes beside the hamper. Or when he leaves his shirt on the couch, belt on the floor, and pants on the bed. Ha ha. Maybe ya'll should establish a list of responsibilities. You cook, he cleans. Or he cooks, you clean.

  6. Lol Chris cook? That is not a good idea unless we want food poisoning and the house to burn down ;)

    I have tried to get him to put his garbage away and dishes in the sink. That is all I ask him, but he never remembers.