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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank the Lord!!

The girl below us got kicked out! I mean I feel bad for her, but it's good for us. And aparently the girl that she got in a fight with awhile back had left all her stuff there, and then she left it there too, so Jeff (our landlord) put it all out beside our apartment. I noticed the people from the apartment building next to us were going through it so I asked them if he does this a lot and she said that anytime anyone leaves a bunch of stuff he will stick it out for people to get what they want and then take it to the dump. There was nice stuff out there! They took a foton (sp?) with it's matress, a dresser, and a chair. There was still a bunch of stuff left so I started going through it because there was a bunch of kids stuff. I got grace four toys.. a dancing elmo, and a couple of small toys and then this..
It works and everything. I looked it up and it is $40 at the store!!

Plus I got some clothes for Grace, but most of the clothes were dirty, so I didn't get much. I also found a shirt for my sister, and a sweater for me. Plus a pack of unused paper plates. I wish more people would leave that much stuff behind! It was awesome!

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