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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It felt so nice out today!

Today was the first day in months that it felt nice outside. It has either been a mllion degrees or rainy.. So when I got home from school we decided to take Grace to the park. We found a little park just down the street from our apartment and taking her to the park is so much more fun now that she can walk!

We had so much fun! She even made a little friend :) I tried to get her to waer her shoes, but she wasn't having it. She's not used to the yet, so she wants to crawl instead of walk..

And this is Grace's first time walking in shoes. She didn't now what to think. Any advice on how to get her used to shoes??


  1. It was nice outside today. My babies had a lot of fun playing outside at my moms house today.
    Kaedyn took to shoes right away...he actually learned to walk in high top walking shoes. Charleigh on the other hand HATES shoes. She can walk in them now but she still refuses to wear them :). She will get use to them but if she doesnt really like them...Good Luck trying to keep them on.

  2. She doesn't really seem to mind them bein on. She doesn't try to pull them off.. she just doesn't want to walk very much when she is wearing them..

  3. Try putting them on her when you get her dressed for the day and have her wear them for a couple days and she will eventually get use to it.

  4. How cute! Ya. It felt great! I was SO EXCITED!
    As far as shoes go, Samantha's therapist always wanted her in shoes with great support. She said the Garanimal tennis shoes I had for her were fine, but it would be better if I put her in an actual tennis shoe. But I wasn't allowed to put her in flip flop, sandals, or anything with no support until she got used to walking.

  5. Well she has those Garanimals tennis shoes we just bought her so those should work. I guess I'll just start putting them on her at home and let her get used to them..