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Friday, August 26, 2011

He's here!!

So, I went to the doctor yesterday because she wanted to check me before my due date over the weekend. She stripped my membranes while I was there. She was really pushing induction, but it wouldn't have been needed anyway.

Around 8pm I started having contractions. They were random, and not really timeable, but uncomfortable. They were the first things that I felt that I knew for sure were contractions, so I decided to get things ready just in case. By 10pm the contractions were coming more and more frequently, so we decided to go in. We dropped Grace off at my mom's and headed to the hospital a little bit before midnight. On the way there the contractions got much stronger and timeable. When we got there I was 3 (almost 4) cms, 80% effaced, and having contractions every three minutes.
A little before 2am the contractions were pretty much killing me. I have come to the realization that I am a wuss lol. I do not take pain well. I got an epidural at 2am. It kicked in almost instantly, and I was able to get some rest.
My mom left Cheyenne and Grace with my grandmother and got to the hospital at about 7:30 am, which is about the same time that my midwife came in and broke my water. I stared pushing around 8am, and at 8:19am my baby boy was born!

However, he was not breathing.. the cord had been wrapped around his neck twice. When I pushed his head out she asked me to stop pushing, and the nurse shoved the mirror I had away. But I saw the cord wrapped around his neck. They laid him on my stomach, my midwife cut the cord, and handed him to the nurses. He was blue and didn't cry for over a minute :( But they finally got him to breathe!!
Then my midwife found a knot in his cord, and my very blunt nurse told me that if that would have tightened he would have died :(

We attempted to breastfeed shortly after birth, but he had a lot of mucus that was making it hard for him to breathe. They had to run a tube into his lungs to suck it out, then they took him to the nursery for almost 3 hours for tests.

I have my beautiful baby boy now though :) Our second attempt at breastfeeding was a success!
Oh and did I mention he was 9lbs, 15ozs, and 21 and 3/4 inches long!! Every time I get a new nurse she will ask me where I was hiding him, how I pushed him out, am I sure I didn't have a c-section, or something along those lines lol.

Grace was not thrilled in the least lol, but she will come around.

Here he is :)
Daddy's first time getting to hold his son :)

My first time getting to hold him.

Look how big his feet are!!


  1. Oh girl, I am so happy for you. Your post made me cry. Ha Ha. I just know you are going to be a great Mom for the 2nd time. ;) Seriously, they are right. You were not that big! lol

  2. Eekk!!! You made my day this morning when you text me!!!! Inwas only way to school and I get your txt and i screamed I was so happy. Thanks by the way for seeing me as important enough to txt!!!! Inthough I would have to find out on face book or he blog:)
    Girl you gave birth to a toddler!!! You are the WOMAN!!!! I'm so glad you weren't induced!!! Ugh!!! I'm jealous!!! I wish I could do this!
    Haha!!! Brittany and I were txting back in forth all morning and breastfeeding was one of the things we were wondering about! I am so happy for you!!!
    She will come around....eventually.... some days will be better than others. Her life is forever changed now but don't feel guilty it has changed for the better!!!!
    Isn't crazy how you automatically love the 2nd just as much as the first!!! I remember thinking how am I ever going to love another as much as imlove Kaedyn and BAM Charleigh!!!!
    While since he was so big at least you can definitely say you were all baby. I know a boy that was born 10lbs but has slimmed up ALOT is is 3 now and just a skinny little thing:)

  3. congrats girl! he is so big! & he is beautiful! :)

  4. Thank you everyone!!!

    And Jessika, it really is amazing how that love kicks in! When she put him on my chest and he was blue and not crying I was terrified. But right before she pulled him away he opened his eyes and looked at me. I just kept clinging to that. I knew that was a sign that he was going to be okay. I was crying and shaking though. I was so scared he wasn't going to breathe... and now I'm crying again just thinking about it lol. He is just so precious and perfect!

  5. I am so happy for you both! Having a little boy is SO amazing :) Alot different than a girl but as much fun :) I was tearing up reading your post... I am recently pregnant with my 4th child and cannot wait to meet this new little one! Enjoy every moment!