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Friday, August 12, 2011

Grace's birthday plans.

I am trying to keep it relatively cheap. The max I want to spend is $150 for EVERYTHING. For her first birthday I went all out and we spent around $600!! Yea, definitely not this year. For one thing we have little extra money, and then we won't be having a birthday week for her this year because Brentley will only be right around two months old. I would still like to make her a cake and give her her presents from Chris and me on her birthday, but that is probably about all we'll do besides her party.

I'm assuming that we'll probably just rent the precinct again, since her birthday is in winter. That doesn't leave us with many options. The precinct will cost $25.

Then I am planning on getting her cake at Ingles because it is the only place I can find that has a Barney cake. It's $22 to feed 24 people. I'm not sure how many people will be there, so I am going to make some cupcakes with green icing and purple icing to make sure there is enough cake to go around.

Then I want a Barney balloon..
This one is on Amazon Prime for $4! And I want to have purple and green latex balloons everywhere. We already have purple balloons left over from when Chris threw me the surprise party, so we just have to buy the green latex balloons, which is like $2.

Then I decided that everything else would just be purple and green to save us more money (vs. having Barney plates, cups, etc.). I want to have purple plates, green cups and napkins, and some purple and some green table cloths. We have a bunch of un-used spoons left over from Brentley's baby shower, so I'll just use those. I know they don't match, but they are just spoons, so I think it will be okay lol.
I looked at one Dollar tree and they didn't have purple or green. I may have to try a bigger one, but I'm not sure if they sell those colors. If not, I will just go to Party City. They have really good prices on plain colored things anyway.

Then, I want to find her either a green or purple dress to wear. I have no idea how much that will cost me because I haven't looked into it yet. I have to wait until places start switching out their summer clothes for winter clothes. I'm thinking the mall would be my best bet for that though because they have tons of places with kids clothes.

As for her presents.. this probably makes me sound like a horrible mom, but I don't plan on getting her much. I have a good reason though. I figure for her birthday other people will be getting her presents, and since we are spending money on the party we aren't going to have much left for presents. I would rather save that money and be able to buy her lots of stuff for Christmas.
But anyway, I want to get her a disco ball.. something like this.

My sister has one, and Grace loves it. Plus it's something she will be able to use for a long time. Not something she will grow out of in a few months.

I'm not sure what else I want to get her. I was thinking about big girl panties, but that depends on where we are in the potty training process at that point. If anyone has any good ideas for things to buy a 2 year old please let me know!

I'm going to start buying some of this stuff little by little, so that I don't have to buy it all at one time.


  1. I didn't get Kaedyn and Charleigh much for their 2nd bdays either. I go bigger on their 1st bdays.

    I used just primary colors for Charleighs bday party this year.nit turnedmout cute. If you look back in the marchmpost you could them. I also had these stickers left over from God knows what and decorated plain cups like that.

  2. Oh yea I will definitely go all out for first birthday's, but then I think I will tone it down for awhile lol. I still want them to have a party every year though. I always felt bed when kids would tell me they never (or rarely) had a birthday party. Even if it's just a small family party I always want them to have a party.

    I remember when you posted about her party. It was cute! Especially the stickers. Maybe I could find some cheap Barney stickers somewhere. I will have to check that out.

  3. I didn't go all out on Samantha's 1st because it was her 1st, and she didn't really have any plans. Now she has more friends, and I like to go all out. I never had a birthday party, so I like to make Samantha's birthday a big thing. It generally make it "bigger" than Christmas because Birthdays are all about Sami, whereas Christmas is...well, not. lol.

    Anyway, that all sounds like a good idea....Are the spoons clear? Maybe you could find Grace a Barney shirt online. There is a place in Chattanooga that says they make shirts for just about any party. Last year, for Samantha's birthday, we got her that kitchen and the stuf to go with it, the guitar and Kindermusic lessons and. From other people she also got dress up and pretend play stuff. DVDs. Puzzles-which she is a BEAST at that Barney puzzle now! Books. A good set of blocks. She got some cash too. Good for any age. lol.

  4. I just don't think I can afford a big birthday week for both of them.. at least not at this time, and I don't want to give Grace a birthday week, but not give Brentley one you know?
    Plus we are huge Christmas people lol. We go all out with the decorations and everything. I LOVE Christmas lol.

    I definitely cannot afford a kitchen or Kindermusic lessons. Maybe some puzzles, but Grace isn't big on puzzles yet. She just likes to stroll the pieces around or have me put the puzzle together for her lol. I still want to have her a nice party though. I will always have her a party. That's where most of the money will go.

  5. Oh ya. I totally understand. With their birthdays being so close, that would be really hard. I LOVE Christmas. I Love to do all the activities and trips that go along with the holidays too. :)

    Ha Ha. That's funny. Samantha liked those little puzzles that have the big knobs on them. She just started doing the 25 to 30 piece puzzles. Maybe some books or Barney toys? I got Samantha a Barney CD for Christmas off Amazon for Christmas. She LOVES it!

  6. Hmm a Barney Cd.. now there's an idea! Grace is OBSESSED with Barney songs! I have looked at Barney toys, but mostly just found stuffed animals and I hate stuffed animals. I found one thing that I liked, but I got outbid on it on ebay. It was a Barney house that you could sort shapes with. I really wanted it, but I can't find another one :(

    I'll have to check into a cd though. She would love that.

  7. THe Barney CD is awesome! It has all the songs we listened to as kids, and a lot of them are the same ones they have now. Ya. Same here. When Samantha liked Barney, I looked for Barney stuff everywhere and never found anything good. I know how you feel. That is how it was for me. I wanted to get Samantha a Word World Mega Blocks Barn. I was so excited. I was going to buy it when Jessie got paid that Friday...then they sold out and I can't find it anywhere now. :(

    Here is a link to the CD that we got.

    Hope it helps. They have one for $3.00. Even though Samantha doesn't like Barney anymore, she LOVES the CD. We still listen to it all the time.