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Monday, August 29, 2011

A little update..

I'm up for a feeding, so I figured I would post while he's eating... We are home now and much more comfortable. We got home around 12pm, and my mom brought Grace around 4pm.

Brentley is doing very well. He passed his hearing test in both ears!! And breastfeeding is going really well so far. My actual milk came in today, and he has been sleeping really well for a newborn since then. I have to wake him up to feed him lol. His eyes are a dark gray/blue and his hair is blondish-brown. He can already smile and is holding his head up better than Grace was at birth! Probably because he's a whole two pounds bigger than she was lol.

As for Grace.. she is really warming up to Brentley. She has not been mean to him at all. She helps me throw away his diapers, and she likes to pat his back. I can really tell she loves him. One time he was laying on my chest sleeping, and she started touching his face. I asked her to stop because it was waking him up. Well, too late because it did wake him up. I was trying to pat him to see if he would go back to sleep, but he was making the cry face, and then started crying.. It broke Grace's heart. She started crying and latched on to Chris. She would not let him let go of her. I think she thought she hurt Brentley, and it was so pitiful! She cried for ten minutes straight :( We kept telling her that it was okay, he was just hungry, but she didn't understand.

Oh and also, I just thought this was sweet.. while we were in the hospital Chris randomely looked at me and said, "Thank you for giving me two beautiful babies." He's not usually a sweet talker like that.. That is something that I think I will remember for the rest of my life :)


  1. That's awesome he is doing so well :) such a sweet time. They grow up to fast.

  2. That is awesome she is doing so well with him! Very nice for Chris to say that too. Jessie isn't a sweet talker either, so when he does say things sweet, I take it to heart.

    So..he is already holding his head up? Making room for ANOTHER? Kidding...Kidding. :)

  3. NO, no others!!! Lol. My little family is perfect and complete now :)

  4. No more at all? Ha Ha. Sounds great, as long as ya'll feel complete. What does Chris think? Does he want more or is he satisfied now that he has a boy? ;p