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Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is the final stretch..

We are down to the wire now.. Only 6 days until my due date!! Everyone seem to think they can control my due date.. not just the doctors, but my family as well :(
The one doctor is wanting my to induce on Monday, and Chris' mom is telling me I NEED to do it then because that is when she is off work, and she wants to be in there for the birth! I don't even want her to be in there, but I also don't want to cause a huge fight. I told Chris I will let her be in there, but if she starts causing problems I will have to nurse ask her to leave. I want this to be a stress free labor. I'm hoping that she will have to work, so she won't be able to come anyway. It's honestly not just the fact that it is her either.. I think 3 people being in the room with me is a lot for one thing. Then I am not comfortable with my body as it is, so I really don't want someone I am not close to seeing my lady parts.. ugg.. just the thought of it bothers me. Plus we don't always get along because she likes things to be done her way, and this is one time where I will not be putting up with any of that bullcrap.

Then there is my dad. He says that I need to have them wait until Thursday, so that he can take two days off of work to watch my brother and then be able to keep him over the weekend. Thanks a bunch dad! What does that have to do with me having a baby?? You want to be able to keep my brother for four consecutive days, so I need to schedule my giving birth around it? I have such a thoughtful family!

Then today my grandmother told me I need to have them wait until Wednesday because she is not going to be available to watch my sister and Grace until then.. Seriously?? Who the heck is going to watch them if you can't? The week of my due date was not exactly a great time to plan something! If she can't watch them my mom most likely won't get to be there for the birth :( Chris' mom says that her husband can watch Grace, but I don't trust that.. He has never had children. I don't trust anyone who has never had children to watch my baby girl. And even if I would allow him to watch her (which I won't) my mom still would not have anyone to watch Cheyenne, so she would have to stay with her.

Not to mention EVERYONE just assumes I am going to have an induction!! I do not want an induction! And if Brentley decides he wants to come tomorrow there is nothing anyone can do about it! And if he decides he doesn't want to come until my due date that is his choice as well. I just really wish people would consider how I feel and what I want. It is MY body. I am the one that has to push the baby out. My body will go into labor when it wants, you don't have to be in the room, you don't have to have my brother for four days, you didn't have to plan something the week of my due date when you already knew I needed you! These are the things I feel like screaming!
Sorry for the rant.. all of this is just stressing me out..
Even Chris was starting to say he's leaning toward induction because "then he would know when the baby is coming." He is just excited though. He really wants Brentley to come. Every night he will lean over to my tummy and say "Come out. I want to meet you!" He is so excited to have a son :) And I talked to him, and told him I really need him on my side with this. He hasn't mentioned inducing since then, so I think he actually listened.

My mom is on my side, but she says she wants him to come on Wednesday because that's my sister birthday lol.

I did have a productive day despite all of this though.. I got the house all organized this morning. It is ready for Brentley's arrival. Then I got all the hospital bags completely packed. Then we went to Wal-Mart, and I got the last few things we needed before Brentley comes. We went to my sister's birthday party.. she is turning 6! Then we went to Sprint and ordered me a new phone. I was eligible for my two year upgrade. Can't wait until it gets here! After that we dropped of my pre-registration papers at the hospital :) Then we went to the new Carter's store that opened up here. I was hoping it was an outlet, but it's not :( I did get Grace a $24 tutu for $10 though! It's going to be part of her halloween costume, but she can also wear it with other things as well :) After that we came home and Chris put up the valance in his room. All I have left in his room is to put up the signs Jessika made. That is literally the only thing I have left to do. After that I just have to keep the house clean, and wait.

We have our next appointment on Monday, so I'll know if I have progressed any or not. I'll update then if I haven't had Brentley yet :p


  1. I can understand your frustration. Your grandmother was making me mad yesterday when she kept on. lol. Everybody did that to me too. My grandparents wanted to Samantha to be born on a Tuesday because that was the day they were off work. And my Mom on a Friday so she could just take one day off and actually have 3 days. It sucked. Just go with what you want. Brentley will come when he wants to. Good Luck and definitely text me when he is born. :p

  2. My grandmother is always that way. Chris can't stand her because she is so bossy, and I'll admit she is.
    She doesn't ask. She just tells people how it's going to be. But now I'm nervous because if Brentley decides he wants to come in the next three days I have no idea who is going to watch Grace.. it really scares me :(

    I've been having some random contractions, and everytime I do now I'm scared they are going to get regular. I will be so worried about Grace the whole time if she has to stay with someone I don't really trust :(

  3. Ugh!!! The nerve of some people!!'
    Hopefully you go into labor on your own!! God has the exact date He wants Brentley to come and He has that ate for a reason.
    When you start to have regular contractions are you going to go straight to the hospital or walk or whatever for a couple hours to dilalate more before going in??
    O I was wondering if you read on the delay cord clamping???

  4. I want to wait it out at home as long as possible, but I also don't know how long is too long. You know what I mean? Like I don't want to wait so long that I end up having the baby in the car or something. I guess that's just one of those things you sort of have to guess at when it's time.

    And I have read about it some, but I don't know too much about it...

  5. Yea I know what you mean =D
    I was just wondering. I can't wait for you to have him and to see pics.
    I am so ready to have number 4. I know ot sounds crazy but i have this big hole in my heart andni know that we just aren't complete. I literally start to tear up when I see a newborn or a pregnant lady. I can't even get on Cafemom because I'm so depressed.

  6. Aww girl you will have *him* (I know you guys want a boy) when God him to come. I'm sure it's going to be soon :) Then we'll all get to be excited for another new baby again!

    Please don't cry when Brentley is born. I will feel bad :(