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Monday, August 22, 2011

Well I went to the doctor today..

Luckily she didn't push the induction. She asked me what I wanted, and said that all she asks is that I come back on Thursday or Friday since my due date is over the weekend. I am a loose 2 to tight 3 cms dilated (that's how she explained it). She said she is surprised I haven't had him yet. So it could be any day now!! Here's the bad news.. my doctor decided last week that they are no longer going to go to Women's East (the hospital I really wanted to go to). I am going to have to deliver him a East Ridge, which is closer to us. It's literally down the street, but it's no where near as good of a hospital in my opinion. Sadly it's better than my other option though..
It's not a bad hospital, but they aren't really big on natural deliveries like Women's East is.. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. I delivered Grace at East Ridge and she was a happy healthy baby, so Brentley will be too.

Now this has nothing to do with the doctor, but I am excited about it.. We had a neighbor a few spots down from us. She was wayyyy behind on her rent, so she just took her kids (whom she let run wild) and took off. They left notice on her door that she needed to pick up her stuff, but she never did. Again, they left notice that her stuff would be thrown out if she didn't pick it up.. Well she never came for it, and today they set it all out in her drive way. We call the main office and they said that whatever we wanted was up for grabs. I got two umbrella strollers (one girl one and one boy one), 3 pairs of shoes for Brentley, 2 pairs of shoes and an outfit for Grace, over 100 movies (good movies too!), two of those plastic drawer storage bins, a Baby Phat purse, a Christmas candle holder, a bunch of really nice decorative pictures for our wall, and probably more stuff I can't remember lol.
Plus Chris got a whole surround sound set, a webcam, and a bunch of Marilyn Monroe stuff (for his mom because she likes that stuff). All FREE!!!!
There is a TON more stuff out there, but it is about 25045745 degrees outside today. I started getting wayyy too hot, and had to come inside. There are still bags and some boxes of stuff that I didn't even get to go through. If the stuff is still out there later when it cools down I'm going to go back out there and see what I can find because they had some really nice stuff. I can't believe they just left it! I feel really bad for her kids because they just left all of their stuff :( But hey, if she doesn't want it I will certainly take it!


  1. Thats awesome about all the stuff.!! It sucks you can't deliver at women's east. I'm jealous.!! I love marilyn monroe.!!

  2. That is awesome that you got all that free stuff! I am sorry he doesn't deliver there. That would have been a nice place to go. : / Did you say your regular doctor is back? I am glad they didn't push induction. He'l be here before you know it and it will be worth waiting until he is ready.

  3. Erica.. yea now I'm pissed.. We gave all that stuff to Chris' mom. Chris was actually thinking about his mom, and do you know what she did with it? Traded it for a $60 hair cut!! Grr.. that woman! If I had known she was going to do that I would have saved some of them for you. She makes me so mad sometimes!

    Brittany.. well I usually see the midwife. Anderson is technically my doctor, but his midwife is Juanita, who I am much more comfortable with. And yes, she was back. However, she has to go by whatever he says, so since he says they no longer go to Women's East she has to agree :( I think if I saw him again he would have pushed induction, but she is much more in tune to what her patients want. I'm really hoping she is the one on call when I deliver!