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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Gracy girl..

I haven't done a post specifically about Grace in awhile. She is growing so fast!! She will be 21 months old in four days!
For the most part she doesn't really get sick anymore,  but the other day she decided to give us a little scare. She started running a fever on and off for three days. We would give her fever reducer, and it would go away,  but come back as soon as the medicine wore off. At it's highest (that I know of) it was 103.8!! We took her to the doctor and they couldn't find anything wrong with her. She never showed any other signs of being sick, so I'm not really sure what was going on.
But from that I do know that she now weighs 31 (almost 32) pounds. She definitely a big girl! But she's not really chunky because she is tall too (not sure how tall though because the didn't measure her).

She is very concerned about her body. She had a cut on her foot and every time she would realize it was still there she would grab my hand and make me touch it and give it a kiss. She now has two mosquito bites on her legs that she is very concerned about. She will touch them and say "oh no!" and then make me touch them.
She also has to wipe her feet off before we put her shoes on. She does this every time lol.

She still LOVES to dance. She is amazing at remembering the moves to dances.

Barney is her show. She will barely watch anything else. Sesame Street is the only thing that will hold her attention for any amount of time besides Barney. I really like Word World and Dinosaur Train, but she has no interest in those shows lol. Anyway, we are still planning on doing her party with a Barney theme.

She loves the alphabet song and any song that has counting in it, so the other day I bought her some alphabet flash cards and some number flash cards. Since I have bought them she has already learned how to say the word "five." We are still working on "three" and "four" though lol.

She also is majorly in love with the kitty. Every morning we go to get the kitty out of the bathroom, and she gets so excited to see him :) She loves to give him hugs and kisses (he doesn't like it so much lol), and she loves to get him to chase things. We bought a cat toy today, and she has had a blast. She thinks it is absolutely hilarious to watch him play.

This is Grace giving the kitty a hug lol.

This is wear she decided to watch tv the other day :p


  1. how adorable.!!! she's growing up.!!!

  2. Too cute! Sounds like she is getting to e a big girl. We need to get her and Samantha together again. Love the cat picture. At first I thought she was sleeping. ;)

  3. Oh ya, I also like Dinosaur Train. She does too, but the only shows we watch daily are Word World and Super Why.

  4. Erica, yes she is! Too fast!

    Brittany, lol no the kitty does not let that happen for more than a minute of so lol. I've seen Super Why couple of times, but not enough to know if I like it or not. It looks cute though.

  5. Eh...Super Why is okay. I am not fond of it, but Samantha likes it and it teaches things to readers of all ages, from the alphabet, to the sounds of the letters, to putting the letters into words. But the story line and the characters...bleh. I personally don't like.