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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My lists..

Random fact about me: I make lists for just about everything because they help keep me orgnaized and on task.
Since I have lots of free time now that I am done with school I have made several different lists of things for before Brentley's arrival.

The first is just a list of things to get done before Brentley gets here..
• Change doctor’s appointment (They scheduled me with the wrong doctor for my next visit. I called to change it today, but they are apparently closed on Wednesday's. This task will be completed tomorrow though) 

• Send out thank you cards (For the people from the baby shower)

• Get car fixed (My tails lights are messed up, but Chris is fixing that tomorrow. Then we still have to get my motor mounts fixed)

• Get everything we need for Brentley’s arrival (I have a list that spins off from this lol)

• Fix Brentley’s wall decorations (Still have to get his letter painted and hung up, and have to hang the signs Jessika made for him)

• Fix Grace’s and Brentley’s drawers (Both of their top drawers are coming apart for some reason. This is a job for Chris lol)

• Get shelf put up (Chris is going to put a shelf up over our washer and dryer, so we can store stuff there. That will help with the next thing on my list)

• Get house organized (This one will probably take me the longest. My house is clean, but not organized if that makes any sense)

• Mop floors (We have no carpet at all, so I want to mop every inch of the house before Brentley comes. I am bad about remembering to mop though)

• Get bags packed for hospital (It's getting close to time now, and I have always heard that a woman should have her bags ready by 36 weeks. I'm 34 weeks and 4 days, so I still have a little time for this one)

• Install Brentley’s car seat (Once we buy it of course)

Now the spin off list..
What we still need for Brentley:
• Car seat (We know which one we want and we are going to use some of our gift cards for it)

• Diaper bag (Also know which one we want and are going to use gift cards for it as well)

• Breast pump (I have a friend who is going to sell me hers for $30. It's a double electric pump that she only used 5 times and it has since been sterilized. That's going to save us about $40)

• Nursing cover (I found one at Target that I really like. Target is so much more breastfeeding friendly than Walmart is)

• Nursing pads (The same friend that is selling me the breastpump is giving me half a box of disposable nursing pads that she never used. That'll get me started at least) 

• Suction cup (This is one of the things that is going to help me breastfeed. I can get one at Walmart for $9, so we are going to use our gift cards for it too)

• Pump bra (This holds the pump on, so you can use your hands, which I'm sure I will need. It can only be bought online though so I don't know when I'll buy it)

Sunday is mine and Chris' 4 year anniversary. My mom is going to watch Grace for us, so we can go out to eat and maybe a movie. While she has Grace we are going to go get the car seat, suction cup, diaper bag, and nursing cover. We will then have most of the things we need for baby Brentley :)


  1. I Love lists! And budgets. Those are my two favorite things. Sounds like you have a lot to do! Congrats on your anniversary. :)

  2. I need to get kore organized nut school has me busy.only a couple more days.

  3. Brittany, thank you :) And yea, I have a good bit to do, but some of it isn't as hard as it sounds, and some of it is stuff for Chris to do :p

    Jessika, I know what you mean. The summer semester was killer. I don't ever want to take summer classes again! I felt like my head was going to explode because as soon as I finished one assignment I had to start working on another one :(

  4. Yea I have 2 days left in one class with 3 test to take in there. Tell me how that's suppose to work???

  5. Wow that is crazy!! I had one class that I had two finals in.. I wasn't really sure how that worked either, but we had to take one in class and one online. It was nutty!