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Friday, July 29, 2011

As promised (pillow post)..

I'm going to give the instructions for the no-sew pillow :):) I have some pictures of my own, but I can't find them, so I will try to find some from the internet to substitute.

 You will need:
  • 3/4 of a yard of the fleece of your choice (Hobby Lobby has fleece that is always 30% off, and it comes folded, so you get twice as much). Where ever you get it from, you will want to insure that it comes folded like that.
  • scissors
  • a ruler
  • toilet paper
  • a few pins
  • some sort of stuffing, like fiberfill (I used one bag per pillow)
  1. Make sure that your fleece is folded evenly, then cut at the fold. This will give you two separate pieces of fleece, but you want to leave them stacked on top of each other.
  2. You want your fleece to be a perfect square. The perfect way to do this for a no-sew pillow is to have each side be 26 inches. The 3/4 of a yard is fairly close to that, but you will probably have to trim some away.
  3. Now it is time to make the fringe around the edges. You are going to want each piece of fringe to be 4 inches long and 1 inch wide. To do this you will want to measure 4 inches into the fleece toward the center. Take your toilet paper and lay it all the way across the fleece at the 4 in mark. Pin it to the fleece, so that it gives you a straight line. This gives you the stopping place when cutting. Then you want to measure 1 inch for each piece, and cut up to the toilet paper. This will make each piece 1 inch wide and 4 inches long.
     It will look sort of like this..
  4. Once you have an entire side cut you will want to remove the toilet paper, move to another side, and repeat step number 3 until you have each side done. Every time you do a side there will be a 4x4 inch piece that can be removed from each corner. This is supposed to happen.
  5. Once you have each side cut, you then take the pieces that are laying on top of each other and tie them together in a knot. Do this for each little piece all the way around the pillow, but stop when you only have a place big enough to put your hand in.
  6. Take the stuffing of your choice, and pull it apart to make it more fluffy. Stuff your pillow to the consistency you want (softer or firmer).
  7. Tie the remaining pieces together to close your hole.
Then you have a no-sew fleece pillow!

This is what mine look like:

I am not the best at giving directions, so if this is not understandable please don't hestitate to ask me what the heck I mean lol. I will try to explain it more clearly for you :) If I could find my pictures this would be much more clear.. sorry about that! I had step-by step pictures :(

This is the simple, and fairly quick project. The other one is much more time consuming, and does involve sewing, but still a fun project! I will make a post about it when I get the chance :)


  1. Ha ha. That is the cutest! I see it now. I was thinking pillowcase like what you made for Brentley.

  2. So Cute!! I think I'm going to try that!!! Hope you don't mind me using your idea:)

  3. Brittany, Lol no the pillowcases are a little harder than this. Not too hard though, and if you have a sewing maching they would be easy.

    Jessika, I don't mind at all :) I found it on the internet, so it's not really my idea anyway :p