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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feeling productive :)

Now that I have finally have tons of free time I really feel like I have been getting things done :)

Brentley's room is now almost completely ready. I just have to decorate his walls. We only have two things left that we need for his arrival, and I am in a bidding war for one of them on ebay now lol. Wish me luck because it's open for 3 more days.. I am currently the highest bidder :)
If I win that we will only have one thing left that we need!

I got his car seat ready for his arrival..

I'm going to install the base after my doctor's appointment next week. It is my 36 week appointment. They are going to check my progress. I am actually excited about this because I'll get to know if I have dilated and if he is engaged or not. I would be willing to bet that he most definitely is engaged. Chris' mom says she thinks I'm going to go early. My neighbor think I will have him in two weeks! Ahh! I don't think I'll go quite that early, but you never know lol. Also, we're getting our last ultrasound that day!! We get to see our little man again, and since we already paid for the 4D they are going to do some more 4D!

Anyway, back to feeling productive..
I have the thank you cards completely filled out.. just have to send them; I got Chris to fix both Grace and Brentley's drawers; I completely organized our bedroom (which has needed to be done for forever now); I have Brentley's bag completely packed for the hospital, and mine, Chris, and Grace's bags are half way packed; I got our new curtains put up in the livingroom. I don't have much left to do to be completely prepared for Brentley's arrival, and I still have a little over four weeks until his due date :) I'm proud of myself because I am usually a major procrastinator.

Also, I know I still haven't done the post about it, but I have finished the pillowcases for both Brentley and Grace, and I made the no-sew pillows for Grace, Brentley, and my sister. I have five Christmas presents down :):)
This is Brentley's pillowcase. I will eventually get around to the post specifically about these. I promise.


  1. That's so awesome! It is great to be able to have so much free time because things always get done. :) I can't believe it-4 more weeks. But I do think they are right. I think he will come before your due date. But watch, he'll come the day after. :) Ya. You are definitely going to have to share how you make a pillow case without sewing?

  2. Lol yea he'll have me all freaked out, and thinking I'm going to be induced again, and then he'll come the day before they are going to force me to induce lol.

    The pillowcase you have to sew, but there is a pillow that you don't. It's pretty neat, and actually really simple to make. I'll try to get a post together about those today before I go to work :)

  3. That is what I did! My Mom was supposed to be induced with me. Well, I decided I didn't like that idea so the night before she was supposed to go in, I decided to come. lol.