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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My birthing plan..

So after my experience in the hospital when I was giving birth to Grace, I wanted to make sure we had a detailed birthing plan this time. I used a template I found online to creat my birthing plan. Now I say "my birthing plan" but it's more of mine and Chris' birthing plan because we have gone over a lot of this extensively, and came to the decisions together. Anyway.. this is it..

Labor induction/augmentation
  • I would prefer not to be induced unless there are health risks (even if I go past my due date).

  • I would like Chris and my mom, Donna, present during my labor and delivery.
  • I would like to be able to take pictures and videos during the labor and delivery.
  • I would like to be allowed to remain mobile during my labor and delivery. 

  •  I would prefer not to be given an enema.
  • I would prefer external monitoring only. 
Anesthesia – Pain Medication
  • I would prefer to try laboring without pain medication. I will ask if I would like something for pain. Please do not ask me. 
First Stage of Labor
  • I do not want to be separated from my partner during labor and delivery.
  • I would prefer there be no time limits on laboring and prefer labor not to be augmented unless medically necessary.
  • I would prefer my water not be broken during labor. 
  • I would prefer not to have an episiotomy. 
Second Stage of Labor (pushing)

  •  I would like a mirror present to view the birth.
  • I would like no time limits on pushing.
  • I would like counting to help me push.
Cesarian Section
  • I would like to avoid a c-section if possible.
  • If a c-section is necessary, I would like Chris present.
After Birth

  •  I would like to have the baby placed on my chest immediately after birth.
  • I would like to have Chris cut the cord.
  • I would like the baby to room in with me.
  • I would like Chris to stay in the room with me.
  • I would prefer to breastfeed.
  • I would like to see a lactation consultant.
  • I do not want my baby to have a pacifier.
  • I do not want my baby to be given any formula or water, especially from a bottle.

  • I do not want to have my baby circumcised.

So what do you guys think??


  1. LOVE IT! That is an awesome plan. Make sure to be firm when you give it to your doctor and/or the hospital. I did one and the doctors laughed it off. Is your Mom not going to be in there this time?

  2. Oh nevermind, I read it wrong. How does Chris's Mom feel about her being able to be there?

  3. See actually she wants to be there. I really don't want her to be, but I also don't want to start this huge fight, so I'm just hoping that she will have to work when I'm in labor lol. Her work won't let her off for that, so I'm praying it works out that way!

    The thing that makes me mad is she pretty much told me she was going to be in there this time. That she would not be waiting in the waiting room. I'm thinking, well it's my body, my pain, my naked lady parts.. but you know how she is.

  4. Ya. I mean, I could see why she would feel left out, but she can't TELL you she is going to be in there. They will make her leave the hospital. Lucky for me, Jessie's Mom was so mad she didn't even show up. I bet she is also mad she doesn't get Grace overnight. It sucks that the mom of the guy usually gets left out, but it's obvious why the girl would want her Mom over her MIL and 3 people in there is too much.

  5. I know she can't tell me she's going to be in there, but if she's there I feel like I can't tell her no because it's going to start a huge fight. She always makes everything about her. I want my mom in there for support, not necessarily to watch the birth. She is not going to be supporting me. She is going to be making comments about what I am doing wrong. I know her. She make unnecessary comments too.. like making fun of me being naked. I hate it. I'm just really hoping she won't be able to make it. Or maybe it'll like happen too fast for her to make it.

    No one has ever watched Grace overnight. I think Chris' mom is going to be watching her one night while we are in the hospital. My grandmother is going to be watching her while I'm in labor.