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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A good day :)

Today was mine and Chris' 4 year anniversary! My mom agreed to watch Grace while we went out. He took my to Olive Garden, one of my favorites! It was delicious! After that we decided that we would go shopping for some of the rest of the baby stuff we needed. We got a nursing cover, a diaper bag, and his car seat, and we still have around $50 left in gift cards!!
The diaper bag we ended up getting wasn't the one I intended to get, but we both liked it, and it was $7 cheaper than the other one, so we got it instead.

We went to pick Grace up, and she didn't want to leave lol. She loves going to my mom's now. They wore her out because as soon as we got home she passed out. I took that opportunity to paint the letters for Brentley's wall.

I also have pictures of Brentley's room now that we have had the baby shower.

His bed.

This inside of his bed.

His Build-A-Bear has a home now :)

His diaper stacker.

His changing table.

The corner of his room is full of diapers and wipes, and there are about 8 more packs of diapers in his closet!!

This is the car seat, diaper bag, and nursing cover we got today :)

Grace after we brought her home from my mom's lol.

Painting the letters.. his walls will be decorated soon :)


  1. I Love the car stuff. Very cute. I think it was a good choice. That is great ya'll had a good anniversary. It is so funny that after you have kids, you tend to spend your "alone time" shopping for the kids or doing something for the kids. lol.

  2. Haha yea we were going to go watch a movie, but they didn't have anything we wanted to see playing at the cheap theater :p So we just went shopping, which was not exactly Chris' idea of a fun day lol. We did watch a movie after Grace went to bed last night. Battle for Los Angeles or something like that.. Definitely not my type of movie, so we are even lol.

  3. Ya. I know what you mean. I don't like that movie or that type of movie. Jessie and I usually end up going to the candy store to pick her up something or the toy store. And when we go to WalMart after our dates, we will always go look for Birthday or Christmas ideas for her. lol

  4. I think the really bad thing is.. before we had kids we wouldn't have cared what movie we watch because we wouldn't have watched the movie anyway lol. Now we are too cheap to go to the cheap theater because we actually intend on watching the movie LOL.