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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 4th of July :)

I can tell Grace is definitely not a baby anymore :( This past weekend we had a lot of fun with her though!
I had Monday off from school, so I got to spend the whole day with her :) We spent the first part of the day just lounging around, then around 5pm we went to my family's cookout. There were tons of little kids there and Grace played so well with them! She also swung in a big kid swing, and she didn't fall out! She has never done that before, but she did such a good job! She even played all by herself with the other kids. Usually she wants me right by her side, but she didn't mind then. And let me tell you this kid can eat! She ate baked beans, TWO corn dogs, and a cookie lol. She was not going to let that food go to waste :p

Then we came home, and my mom and sister came over for awhile. We let Cheyenne and Grace play with some sparklers (I help Grace hold hers). We also discovered that you can see Lake Winnie's fireworks display from our yard. They had fireworks Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, so we got to watch them all three days. Grace was so cute!  Every time a firework would go off she would start pointing and saying "look!" It was precious, and she really liked it.

And lastly.. the night before the 4th this little guy pretty much adopted us. We had never seen him before that night, but he was still hanging out on our front porch the next morning, and all day on the 4th. We asked everyone around us, and no one has ever even seen him before, much less claimed him. I was hesitant to take him in because I didn't really want anymore animals right now, but he was still hanging around the next morning, which is when we found out someone shot our neighbor's dog. It had gotten out, so it was partially her fault because the dog wasn't on a leash, bit still.. that didn't give a person the right to shoot it! I couldn't bare the thought of the poor kitty getting shot. Plus Grace LOVES this cat. Everytime she saw it she would say "kitty!" (which she had never said before) and want to play with it. She even tried to protect it from the dog our neighbor was walking. Grace ran toward the dog holding up her hand and saying "stop, no, stop.".. and now that it is in our house she says "my kitty!" One of her first sentences! He's a really good cat too. We have decided to name him kitty, since Grace can say kitty, and also because someone may put up flyers for him. He had no collar, but he's declawed and very domesticated, so he had to be someone's cat.


  1. sounds like a great fourth of july.! glad you had fun.

  2. Sounds fun! Ah...yes, she is is starting to look like a big girl. Heartbreaking, isn't it? She's a cutie though.

  3. Aww thank you :) I keep whining to Chris about her growing up, and he's always like "Well, you are going to have another baby now." And I'm like, "That doesn't make anything better because he's going to grow up too!" Lol.

  4. Ha Ha. Very true, but the older they get the more fun they are, really. Samantha and I have actual things to do together now, like we like to do sticker art and play games together. She is getting good at baking with me. And it just gets better. Tammie was showing me some stuff her and her older daughter do together. They scrapbook and make youTube videos. I am so excited for Samantha to get older now. :) Just not too much older. lol.