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Monday, June 27, 2011

School, school, and more school..

I feel like my life is consumed by school now. I NEVER want to have to take summer classes again. Or at least, I don't want to take c-session summer classes again. I feel like speech is kicking my butt. I'm making a 96 in there, but it honestly drains me. Part of it is because the class is at 8:30 am, and as I have talked about before.. I am NOT a morning person. The other thing is I get VERY nervous when speaking in front of an audience :( And with only having 4 weeks in this class we have a speech a week! That gives me barely any time to prepare. Our first speech was 1-2 minutes long, and I made a 97 on it. Our second speech was 4-5 minutes long, and I made a 93 on it. Our midterm is Thursday, then next Thursday we have yet another speech that has to be 5-6 minutes long :(

As for the other classes, I love my psychology class, but my professor is out because she had to have back surgery, so we have basically been an online class for two weeks :( There is a reason I did not sign up for online classes!! Grace makes it very difficult to do school work, so I am thankful for being able to sit in a class and learn. She won't be back until next week :(

My physicaly education class is pretty easy. It's a lot of writing, but the assignments are simple. It's just hard to keep up with because my psychology and speech classes are so demanding. I can do this though!! It will be such a relief when July 20th gets here!! I will be free of school for 5 months! That makes up for missing my summer break. I can't stand the heat right now anyway lol.

Also, I have been working on my crafts for the kiddos. I have Grace's fleece pillow almost completely finished. I just need to get some stuffing for it. Still got to get some fleece fabric for Brentley's. I also decided I am going to make my sister a pillow for Christmas because I have some of the fleece left over from Grace's. I also started both of the regular pillowcases for Grace and Brentley. I have them ironed and pinned.. now they just need to be sewed. Next project I will be working on is the letters for Brentley's wall. I will post pics and how-tos for all of this once I get it all finished.


  1. You can do it girl.!! Those five months are gonna be soooo nice.!! You're doing soo good, and I'm so proud of you. I can't wait for your shower, and my nephews arrival.!! Hahah. Keep on pushing girl. I'm always here for you.

  2. Oh my gosh. That's a of classes for only 4 weeks! That's ridiculous. Sort of ironic there are of written assignments for physical education. Oh yes, Erica is right, it will be great to have 5 months off with Grace and the Baby with nothing to worry about! I still help Jessie with his school work and have a ton of stuff to do, but it's like house work, cleaning, cooking, Samantha's lesson plans, watching Brennon and taking them fun places, looking up information we need. I Love being able to focus on those things. The crafts sound awesome. I haven't bought any fabric or anything lately. I am dying to sew something...Just not sure what...

  3. Erica, thank you!! I really hope I can. As far as I know I am doing well in all my classes, but it is putting a lot of stress on me to keep up with everything. I feel like I am neglecting Grace because my nose is always shoved in a book :(

    Brittany, tell me about it! As for the physical education class, it's more of a learning how to teach physical education class, then an actual physical education class. We are going to have one day where we actually have physical activity, and I get to walk! Lol that's what the prof. told me when I asked her how I was going to participate.
    I'm really excited about the crafts, but I feel like I never have time for them with all this school work. I am determined to finish them before Brentley gets here though because I know that I won't get around to them after he is here.

  4. Oh okay. That makes sense. I can't believe how far you are through college already. How many more semesters do you have?
    Ha Ha. Ya. Maybe when they are both old enough to do crafts like painting or whatnot, you can work on your projects while they do theirs.

  5. Well it's a 4 year program, so 8 semesters. After this one I will have 5 semesters left, but I want to do the ESOL thing for special education, so that will add an extra semester, so 6 more semesters. I won't graduate until 2014, but hopefully it'll be worth it.

    I have discovered that I really like crafts. I just wish I had more time for them. I can't wait until the end of July because I will still have about a month before Brentley gets here, and no school! I'll definitely be crafting it up :p

  6. Oh wow. That's great though! You are doing great. I don't see how you take care of Grace, get ready for another Baby, the house, AND school work! That's crazy to me.
    I've done school work for Northwestern, but trust me, it isn't the same. And now I get stressed out taking care of everything in the house and Samantha.
    Oh wow. You will have a whole month to dedicate to "you time" and "Grace time." I bet she will really like having you all to herself for a month before the Brentley comes.

  7. Aww thank you! Honestly, I'm not sure how I do it either lol. A lot of times the house kind of gets neglected unfortunately :( Like toys and clothes everywhere.. never anything nasty or gross, but just out of place.. know what I mean?
    Yea I am really excited for the end of this semester! Only 3 more weeks!!

  8. Ya. There is nothing wrong with that. As long as you aren't just sitting around doing absolutely nothing and just letting it pile up, which apparently you aren't doing since you are in school and all.

  9. Good luck with school. Have fun with the crafts -- I lovvve crafts!!