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Friday, June 3, 2011

4D Pics!!!

He has his eye open in this one.

A mustache!! Lol, she said the cord was in front of his face, but it looks like he has a mustache.

I love these last 3.
This one is my favorite :)

He has Chris' mouth.

She measured him and he weighs right at 3lbs, and he is measuring at 29 weeks. I won't even be 28 weeks until tomorrow.. Just like I thought, he is a big boy!!! And yes, he is still a boy lol. She couldn't get any good pictures of it, but he is definitely a boy.

Things we still need for him:
--First of all - the car seat. I am still not sure if we are going to get the double stroller right away, but we are still planning on getting the Graco car seat that matches it.

-- His bed set

-- My 35363534563 different breastfeeding supplies

-- A pad for his changing table

-- Blue spray pain, blue ribbon, and a hot glue gun so I can put the letters on his wall

-- A baby bath tub

-- The vibrating/bouncing chair

-- The diaper bag

-- Body support for his car seat (we had one with Grace and I loved it)

-- A going home outfit

Those are all the things we will absolutely need before he is born.. we may get some of it at our shower, so we aren't going to buy any of it until after the shower unless we find a great deal or something.

--I would like a rocking chair and the double stroller, but don't have to have those things, so we'll see how much we have left after my shower and buying everything we need for him that we didn't get at the shower


  1. Wow. That isn't much. That's awesome. Do ya'll want a gift card for your shower then to put toward a stroller or something? Where are you getting the stroller and rocking chair? (Actually, you may want to try JBF for the rocking chair.)

  2. I'm definitely planning on hitting up JBF.. it's June 19th, and I'm counting down the days! Lol. I really hope I get my Pell before then, but I'm not sure if I will.
    As far as a gift card, we really don't mind either way. If you are the type of person who likes to buy gifts that is totally fine, but if you want to get a gift card that is totally fine too :)