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Monday, June 20, 2011

Just Between Friends sale..

They have these Just Between Friends consignment sales all over the country, and I strongly recommend them! They are great place to find used things that don't look used lol.
I went today hoping to find a few things, but I never imagined the great deals I would get!

One of the main things I went to look for was a changing table pad.
I found this pad and cover for $7!!! I also got that wipe warmer for $5. We had that same wipe warmer for Grace, and I loved it, so when I saw it I had to get it again for Brentley.

I tried to stay away from the clothes because we have a lot of clothes already anyway, but I wanted to look for a Chistmas outfit for him. I found this one in his size. It says "Baby's first Christmas" on it. It still has the tags on it. It was originally $20, and I got it for $8 :)

I also saw one other outfit I just had to have..
It's a Carter's and it was only $4.

I also found some great deals on shoes. I got the pair on the left for $7.50. I know that sounds like a lot, but they look brand new (which is hard to find used in a shoe), and Grace needed some tennis shoes. She didn't fit in any of her old ones. The pair in the middle is a newborn shoe.. so cute! They were only $2.50. And the pair on the right are a size one.. $3.

This is the misc. stuff I got.. On the left is some scrap book stickers.. $1. In the middle is some pads that you can freeze or heat that is supposed to help relieve the pain of breastfeeding.. $4. And on the right is a Dr. Brown's sippy cup. It looks brand new.. $1.

And then this is what I consider my best buy!!

It's the Kolcraft Contours stroller :) And it came with the car seat bar for $130!! It's in almost perfect condition, and it fits in my trunk as long as we detach the seats first. I looked online and all of the ones I could find with the car seat bar were over $200! We paid less for this stroller than we would have for the Graco one, but I am already in love with this stroller! Grace likes it too.. she didn't want to get out of it when I let her sit in it lol.
Jessika, I would have walked right passed it had I not known all the cool stuff it can do lol.

Also, I had Brentley's shower invitations made..
You can't see them great in the picture, but I will be sending them out soon :)

And lastly.. I am 30 weeks now! I honestly cannot believe it.. It seems like I should only be like 10 weeks along, but I only have 10 weeks to go!! Not many new symptoms, but Brentley likes to drop at night.. when I wake up in the morning there is so much pressure down there that it is hard to walk :( It eventually goes away though.
Grace thought it would be fun to tattoo my belly the other day lol. I just let her do it because it wasn't hurting anything (the marker was washable). She LOVED it lol.


  1. that is an awesome stroller.!! grace is so cute.!! I can't wait until your shower. :D

  2. Lol!!! The stroller is awesome!!! We just got a new one because we wore thenothernout...long story. It was 170 with the bar brand new on amazon. Our babies love it to. We marked c and k on the back of each seat that way we know which seat s which and we don't have to adjust straps every time we put them in because they are already set to fit who ever. Hehe!! We also take the seats out when we load it up. I love it!!!

  3. Ah, I Love consignments. To be honest though, I am not fond of JBF. You didn't tell me you bought a stroller while we were texting. lol. That's awesome though! Great buy! And it's a neutral color. LOVE the invites also! Grace has a CUTE smile! I can't get over her cheese. I just can't believe you are already 30 weeks. That means you are 3/4 of the way there! And he already dropped...Can you believe that. Just think how you were feeling when you were 30 weeks with Grace...Doesn't it seem so long ago?

  4. Erica, I can't wait either!! I love parties lol.

    Jessika, that's a great deal for brand new! I was looking on, and it was like $250 new. That's a really good idea about the seats! I never even thought of that. Won't have to do it for awhile though because we'll be using the car seat bar, but I will definitely do it when they are both using the seats.

    Brittany, lol did I not? :p I wasn't even thinking about it.. just thinking about spending almost $200 lol. I am not fond of JBF when it comes to selling stuff.. they are way too picky, and have so much stuff that I feel like my stuff would get looked over, so I don't even waste my time putting stuff in JBF, but I love shopping there lol. I don't really like looking for clothes there because there is so much, but I like looking for other stuff.
    Grace loves to cheese now.. it's so funny lol.

  5. Ha Ha. No. You told me how much you spend, and I was like "On clothes?" You were just like, "Nope." I was thinking, What on Earth could she have bought then? lol. Ya. I get what you are saying. If my Mom wanted to go, I would. I think it'd be fun, but to ask Jessie to take me on a weekend or whatever and have to wait through the line...he'd kill me. lol. I got soem GREAT stuff when I was pregnant with Samantha. I had so much I needed, so it really made it worth the trip. But now, I really don't NEED anything, since I am always at yard sales or the thrift store. I jut like to shop. lol. It is so funny. I remember when Samantha started doing stuff like that, Grace was so little. I was like, It'll be forever until Grace gets old enough to do that. And now she is!

  6. Lol you could have asked.. I bought so much random stuff it would have been a lot to text though lol.
    JBF started on Father's Day this year. I was wondering how many women drug their poor husbands there on Father's Day :p I was nice to Chris and didn't make him go. I went with my mom, and my mom spent more time looking than I did lol. I didn't really need anything for Grace except shoes, and I got some lol. We needed a lot for Brentley though, so I was glad to find some great deals!

    The thing that gets me most about Grace is her hair! It grows like an inch a day! She's still sporting her mullet though lol. I'm hoping it grows out soon.

  7. Ha Ha. I am hoping to go with Maria on Saturday. I just hate how crowded it can be. That would be awful. I would be so mad if my wife drug me out on Father's Day.

    Ha Ha Samantha went through that. Now she has little girl hair. I am thinking of having Erica give her a Bob. :)

  8. I didn't even attempt to go on the first day because of how crowded it always is. Plus with it being Father's Day we wanted to spend the day with Chris. So we went the second day.. there weren't a lot of people and there was no line. It was nice.

    Aww that would be sooo cute!! I don't want to cut Grace's yet. Chris keeps saying we should get it cut to get rid of the mullet, but I think the mullet would just grow back lol.