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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A little bit of everything..

Well for starters, I had my first adventure with couponing today. A Dollar General opened just down the street from our house, and I got a coupon in the mail for $5 off a purchase of $20 or more. I figured I would stop in there, and get $20 worth of stuff we needed so I could get the $5 off, but I never imagined I would get such great deals!

I got all of this for $16.05!! The toilet paper was on sale for $6 each, so I got two. You can never have too much toilet paper lol, and that will last us for a long time! Plus paper towels, diaper wipes, and a huge thing of dish soap.

I also used a coupon with my baby shower decorations. I saved $10 :) I only have six things left that I need for the shower now, and they either come from Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart, except for a skirt.. if anyone knows where I can find a cute pink skirt for Grace please let me know! She needs one for her big sister outfit.

Yesterday I went and had my hair cut by Erica Morrison.. my hair had split ends, was getting too long, and had no shape, so it was badly needed.
This is what it looked like after she was done..

I really like it!!

Earlier today we took Grace to Riverbend.. a music festival in Chattanooga. It was Faith and Family night, and Casting Crowns was headlining. It is the only night that is alcohol free (I refuse to go when it's not alcohol free). And it is also only $5 for adults and free for children under 10 on Faith and Family night. We let Grace play on the water steps by the aquarium, which is considered part of Riverbend. She LOVED it. She got mad when we finally made her get out.

You can't see steps in any of the pictures because they are behind us, but there are tons of steps and she made me go up and down them at least 20 times lol. And yes, that is my big preggo belly lol. It's really poking out there now.
Once we made her get out after playing for about an hour (which is a LONG time for her), she crashed lol.

We walked around for a little while after that, but it was super crowded, and we didn't stay for the whole Casting Crowns concert part. They didn't start until 9:30 pm, and we left just before 10 pm.

Well here is where my horrible luck comes into play.. we go back to our car and there is a parking ticket!! It was issued at 7:28 pm for not paying the parking fee. Well I have the receipt that proves that at 7:12 pm we paid for up to 4 hours of parking! Our time did not expire until 11:12 pm, and we got back to our car right around 10!! I honestly cannot figure out why we were issued a parking ticket. I didn't put the receipt on the dash, but it said we didn't have to, so that wasn't it. Some of the spots were reserved for local businesses, but we saw that and made sure we didn't park there, so it wasn't that. The parking space number on the space we were in, on the ticket, and on our receipt match, so we did not put the wrong space number in. We have parked in that exact parking garage for Riverbend before, and there were no signs anywhere that said we couldn't. The only thing I can think up is that the person who issued us the ticket just assumed we would go over our time limit because Riverbend doesn't usually end until around midnight, so whoever it was just decided to go ahead an issue us a ticket 16 minutes after we parked there! I already sent in an appeal, and unless someone can give me a legitimate reason that we receive the ticket, I will NOT be paying it. Period. We are not the type of people who don't pay. We have never parked downtown and not paid. I actually paid when I didn't have to one time (I didn't know that I didn't have to). And to beat it all.. there are people parked EVERYWHERE. People were literally lining the entrance and exit ramps on the interstate, and we passed a car on an entrance ramp who was parked half way in the road, yet NONE of them had parking tickets on their windows!! I just don't understand it AT ALL. I'll keep you guys updated on this issue as it moves forward.


  1. Looks fun! Love coupons, HATE couponing! I Love to use a coupon here or there. It saves good money, but since I save so much already buying off brand, couponing for groceries is a huge waste of time, and I'd actually be spending more for the same stuff. I like the new title and look on your blog!

  2. Yea I'm not sure if I can get into couponing or not, but I have been keeping my eye out for coupons lately. I have some for diapers, formula, and Babies-R-Us. the formula ones don't expire for a longggg time, so I'm saving them just in case for Brentley. And I'm hoping to use the Babies-R-Us one on a car seat for him.

    Thank you :) I got tired of the old title and look on my blog. I recently realized that I really don't like calling myself a teen mom because of negative connotation that always comes with it, so I wanted something that set me apart from the stereotypical teen mom. I really don't even feel like a teen anymore anyway.

  3. That's great about the couponing deals. I'm glad the family had a good time too. Thank you for crediting me on your hair cut.! I hope you don't have to pay your ticket. That's weird how you were issued a ticket though.

  4. Girl, of course I am going to credit you! You did an awesome job!!
    I honestly cannot figure out why I was issued a ticket. I'm hoping they reply quickly so I can get this all straightened out. I must have a sign on me somewhere that says "Please give me a parking ticket for no reason!!" I mean seriously lol. Last time I'll admit they could have made me pay it because it wasn't a parking spot. I just didn't know that, but this time there is no reason I should have gotten a ticket!

  5. Oh ya. I always have a coupon for big purchases or activities like eating out or dates. Or I just buy offline. I don't blame you for not wanting to pay full price. I am trying to learn to grocery shop even cheaper though because we are about to lose our FS next month. I went to WalMart and got EVERYTHING we needed-except meats for $100.00! That is canned foods and boxed foods and such. I was so proud. Even though they don't necessarily have sales, they are super cheap, and I base my list off the prices. I am working on stocking up too so that it will be easy until we get used to not having them.

    That makes sense. Jessie laughed at the title of mine. :( lol. I just don't want to change it because I don't want to confuse anybody. You know what happened when I changed my url!

  6. Wow! That is great! I am working on buying more things to actually cooked vs. frozen foods and eating out because that stuff is not healthy at all. I like a lot of wal-mart brand stuff, and they do have really good prices. However, I am going to start shopping at Dollar General for things like dish soap, paper towels, etc. It was a lot cheaper than wal-mart.

    Lol yea I remember what happened. Changing the title on mine didn't hurt anything, but it may confuse some people lol.

  7. Oh ya. I have been working on that. It is so much more fun, and it is usually cheaper too. Ya. That is where I shop for that stuff. I can just walk there and use that little coupon you mentioned. That is also where we go every week to get Samantha's supplies for her lessons.

    It actually confused me. But I was like, let's see. I bet that is Christina. :p

  8. I've never really shopped at Dollar General before. I didn't know what I was missing out on lol.

    Lol sorry. At least you figured it out. Hopefully everyone else is too. Maybe I should make a post titled "This is Christina."

  9. It's great. I actually like it better than the dollar tree. You get more, better quality, for about the same price. You just have to buy more at once.

    That might work. Do have a lot of people that follow you?

  10. Ehh not really.. I've gotten a couple more followers since I joined cafemom, but mostly it's just you and Erica. Jessika hasn't been on here in forever, Megan still doesn't have internet I'm guessing, and Chrissy doesn't get on much anymore either. My mom's friend also follows me, and comments occasionally.