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Friday, June 24, 2011

Okay, I'm going to admit it..

I am a little bit concerned about Grace's speech.. She is 19, almost 20, months old, and I sometime wonder if she talks enough.
I looked it up on, and according to that website, as long as she has 10 words she is fine.. So I started keeping up with all the words she can say..
The words she can say perfectly clear are:
  • Mommy or mama
  • Daddy
  • Hi
  • Bye or bye bye
  • Uh oh
  • On no
  • Eat
  • Hooray
  • Wee
  • Ball
  • There
  • Two
  • Jump
  • Up
  • You
  • Open
  • Stop
  • Wow
  • No
  • Whoa
  • Boo
  • (There may be more, but this is all I have thought of so far)
Then there are the words she can say that I understand, but other people probably wouldn't:
  • "Buh" - book
  • "Cuhyer" - Color
  • "Un" - one
  • "Bah" - Bath
Then she also has a couple of "words":
  • "Ba-ba" - cup (I cannot get her to say cup for the life of me)
  • "Beet-beet" - blanket or bear (she uses it for both)
So even with the words she's made up or mispronounces she still has over ten words, so maybe I'm over-reacting. I'm just so used to her doing everything early that now when she's not way ahead on this I feel like something might be wrong..

One of the things that really concerns me is that is seems like she has lost some words..
She used to say "I love you" now it's just "I you." It's like she lost the word "love." Also, she used to say "thank you" but she will not say it anymore. And she used to say "Barney" but she doesn't say that anymore either.. And she likes me to sing the A B C's with her, but she no longer says "a b c." I think there are other words she has lost too, but I can't think of them right now..
And since she lost "love" and "thank you" she lost her only sentences.. the closest thing she has to sentence is "I you."

We asked her doctor, and she didn't seem too concerned. She said as long as she is still vocalizing then she is fine. But I still can't help, but wonder. I don't think there is anything wrong with her.. I'm just wondering if maybe her speech is delayed. Do you guys think I am over-reacting or do you think I should push the subject with her doctor?

Other than this she is doing wonderful. She is rear-facing again.. we started today, so I'm not really sure how she likes it, but she didn't really seem to mind. I plan on keeping her that way at least until her second birthday. And she can count to two now. As I said earlier, "un" = one, but she is still counting. She will put two things in front of herself, then point to one and say "un" then point to the other and say "two" then she looks at me and we clap lol.
She has lots of hair now, but she is sporting a mullet lol. I refuse to cut it yet though.
I can't believe she is going to be two in just a little over four months!!


  1. She sounds like she is doing fine. She can say a lot of words. She sounds so smart! Samantha was always a talker, but after she turned 2 is when her speech really started. Before that she just said words her and there, and now that she is almost 3, she is having detailed conversations with us. She answers questions. Everything. She is like...a kid. It's crazy! I can't believe Grace will be 2 either! I remember when you were pregnant with her. Samantha was like 9 months old when we started talking and now, your daughter is almost 2 and Samantha almost 3!

  2. I think I am just paranoid because my dad keeps telling me I was talking in full sentences when I was 18 months old (which I'm not sure I believe), and Grace has always done everything early, so I guess I expect her to have like mastered English and be moving on to Spanish or something LOL. Plus, I want her to talk sooooo bad! So it's always on my mind. I need to chill lol.

    I know I can't believe they are growing so fast!! Grace was basically beating me up the other day (she is rough!) and I was telling Chris about that time we went to JBF and then Arby's and Sami was like messing up your hair and pulling your glasses off. She was so little then! And Grace wasn't even born yet!!

  3. Ha Ha. Ya. I think sometimes parents think they remember things a certain way, but they really don't. My Mom tries to tell me my little brother was potty trained my 8 months. Not buying it. Usually though, they will have one area they specialize in. It seems like Grace's are motor skill. Samantha's is language. She talk talk talks all the time! But I know that at around 2 years old they start picking up like 10 new words a day. (Don't take my word on the number. I don't remember, but it was quite a bit.) I know what you mean though about wanting them to hurry up and get to a certain point. I can't wait for Samantha to really really understand our activities. I know she understands me and she enjoys herself, but I am talking about if I say, "Let's bake cookies." I want her to say something like, "How about chocolate chip? And can we use cookie cutters?" I can't wait for that.
    Ba Ha Ha. Glad to know I am not alone now. I remember that. That's great! Gaw, she was almost a year old I believe. Time flies. Eh...And here I am, planning her 3rd birthday. :(

  4. Yea I've heard a lot of people say 2 is when they really start talking, so I don't have too much longer lol. I'm glad she not 2 yet though lol. So I don't mind waiting.
    I know right? I've been planning Grace's birthday. I still can't decide where I want to have it. Didn't you look into having a party for Sami at the YMCA? How much was it?

  5. Hey there :-) I'm a new reader to your blog: it's nice to read such a positive blog from another young mum!

    My wee girl had a slight speech delay, saying about 3-4 words at this stage. And they only counted that as a 'slight' delay so I'd say your girl is doing fine. In fact, she sounds very clever!

  6. Hi Christina, I just found your blog and I have to say that you seem to have a wonderful family. I too was a teen mom; I had my first child at 18 yrs old. This was over 10 yrs ago and it wasn't something you were seeing everyday (teen moms). I'm proud to say that I did an awesome job raising my daughter. I did it as a single mom until she was 6 yrs old when I then met my husband. You are right: Age does not define the type of parent a person can be.

    As for the speech, Grace does seem to be doing pretty well. My son is almost 20 months as well and I was thinking he wasn't saying many words until I stopped and actually counted them. They say 20 words at 20 mths old... I think we're there :) Keep up the good work! Looking forward to reading your posts!