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Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am 18 now! My birthday was February 3rd. I had a really good birthday. Chris' mom watched the baby for us while we went and ate lunch. Then we picked her up and went home to get ready for my birthday dinner. Grace and I dressed alike. We both had a pink shirt, black bottoms, and black shoes. She look adorable! We went and got a balloon blown up and then went and picked up my cookie cake (I love cookie cake!). Then we went to eat a Logan's for dinner. My Grandmother, 3 of my cousins, my cousin's boyfriend, my best friend Brittany and her daughter and husband, and of course Chris and Grace all came. Unfortunately my mom and sister have the flu so they couldn't come, but other than that I had a really great time! After we ate Chris, Grace, and I went over to Brittany's house and hung out for a while. She gave me the prettiest picture frame for my present! I can't wait to get some pretty pictures to put in it! And I got lots of money from the family lol. It really was a great birthday!

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