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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prayers please!

We have an awesome opportunity to potentially get a much nicer vehicle then what we have now... only problem is we have to come up with a good bit of money in just three months. I have no idea how we are going to do that. My car is worth a fraction of what this one is, so selling it wouldn't help much, and we only have the one car, so we can't sell it until we have another one.

But we seriously cannot pass up this opportunity. There is something wrong with my car where it keeps trying to die right after you start driving. It wasn't a big deal until yesterday... Chris had just gotten home, Grace was napping, it had just started raining, and Brentley and I were going to head to the store to grab some stuff we needed for dinner. We got to the stop sign at the end of our complex, and I didn't realize my car was trying to die at first. I pushed the gas, and at first it didn't go anywhere, then it caught, and jumped forward. When it jumped forward, my wheels didn't get traction (I guess because it had just started raining), so we slid across the lane we were supposed to be in and into the other lane with a car coming right at us. So, I turned the wheel in the other direction, then we kept hydroplaning back across the lane we were supposed to be in, and into a ditch. Once we hit grass I was able to get my car to stop (thank goodness because about ten feet infront of where we stopped was a concrete driveway). Luckily it wasn't a deep ditch, so it didn't mess up my car, but I was scared. I couldn't stop shaking because I was so rattled. At first I thought we were going to get hit head on, then I was afraid my car would flip when we hit the ditch. God was definitely with Brentley and me!
I know that is not completely my car's fault, but if it hadn't been trying to die, we wouldn't have lunged forward like that, and I doubt we would have hydroplaned.

We are going to figure it out somehow. Three months is a good amount of time, and I know we can come up with some, especially with Chris working extra like he has been, but I still don't know how we are going to come up with all of it.


  1. My car is doing the same thing!!

    I hope you get it!! What kind of car is it??

    Thank goodness someone was looking over you and Brentley!! I bet that was so scarey!!

  2. The caar we would be getting is an '05 Trailblazer. The only downside to it is that it's a gas guzzler. My car is a tiny '98 Cavalier, and the only good thing about it is that it's great on gas, but we have no room in it... like getting groceries is like a jigsaw puzzle trying to fit everything in around the two car seats. Plus, my trunk is tiny, so it's really hard to get the stroller in and out.
    With the new car, we would have plenty of room.
    Oh and a LATCH system. My car is so old that it doesn't have one, and I want a car that has one sooooo bad!
    Plus there's nothing wrong with the Trailblazer, whereas there are a few things wrong with my car.

    Oh, and the Trailblazer has rear air conditioning. My car doesn't so the kids roast when we are in the car on a hot day :(

  3. Scary! Glad all is well. Something like that happened to my sister when we were you ger. it had just started raining and she hydroplanned and went into a irrigation the car flipped 3 times and landed on a tractor. Split the engine inhale and totaled the car. She came out with a scratch on her fore head!!

    Hope you guys can get the new car!! That would be awesome!

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm glad she was okay! That must have been terrifying!

  5. Oh, girl, that is scary! I am so glad you guys are okay! I hope you guys are able to get this new car! Hopefully the extra money Chris is bringing in will help. Where are you wanting to get the car from?

  6. I'm not supposed to be saying anything, but it's Chris' mom's suv. She got a new car, and she can hold the suv for three months for us. If we can't come up with the money by then, she has to sell it though :( All she wants us to do is pay off what she has left, which is a little over half of what it's worth, so it's a great deal, but still not really in our price range lol.