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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Car seats :)

We finally got our deposit back from our old place. That was a hassle, but I won't go into that.

The main thing we were planning on buying was the car seats. The ones we wanted were the Safey First Alpha Elite. They rf to 40 lbs, ff to 65 lbs, and booster to 100 lbs. I was excited because I thought we would get rf Grace again, but unfortunately, my tiny car won't allow it. Chris is so tall that he has to have the seat way back, which won't allow for Grace's seat to rf properly. We could switch it around, but then Brentley would have to ff, and I'm not doing that. I tried putting one of them in the middle, but the middle seat is too small for them to fit side by side like that. Oh well, at least Grace is over two.
I can't wait until I have a bigger car!

I feel safer with her in this car seat either way though! And they both seem to really like them. Grace calls it her "seat belt" lol.


  1. I might be biased, but I love them! Lol.

  2. Love them!!! Bummer about not being able to rf Grace. I know how hard it is to get the seats to fit right. The complete airs have a tall shell. When Kaedyn was Rfing I had to move the middle seat all the way up so his would fit. Then I had to move the passenger setup so that Charleighs would fit rf in the middle. So I had my knees in the dash! Lol! It will be like that again soon. Charleigh will be moved to the back still Rfing in the complete air 65 so the middle seat will have to go back up and the the passenger seat will have too also Sao that Blaikelynnes car seat(either a graco snug ride 35 or the safety 1st Onboard 35) will will fit!

    They lookso safe!! Love it!

  3. That is the only downside the these car seats, in my opinion. Brian has a tiny little Saturn, so whenever we go anywhere as a family we HAVE to take my car so Kayelynn's car seat will fit. I have a huge Expedition, plus I am short, so Kayelynn fits perfectly behind my drivers seat, plus there's extra room between her car seat and my seat.

  4. That's great! At least you kept her rear facing as long as you could! Go Mama!