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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wedding bells :)

Okay, I know I have talked about Chris and I picking a date on here before, but looking back on that now, that date was just not realistic for several reasons. Obviously, we did not get married in February. We just didn't have enough time to plan or enough money.
Now, we have gotten everyone on board, including my dad. I'm not really sure if that is all good because Chris' mom and my nana are both trying to take over. Chris' mom has decided that we are going to do an exact replica of Bella's wedding in Breaking Dawn. Make me gag.. Don't get me wrong, I'm a "Twihard." I'm just not THAT big of a Twilight fan. Plus, I have NEVER wanted an outdoor wedding. And my nana keeps finding things in her storage unit that she says we can use to decorate. All of it looks like it was pulled straight out of an 80's romance movie. Definitely not my thing.
I like subtle, modern, and indoors.

I originally wanted a winter wedding, with a somewhat of a "winter wonderland" theme, but I started thinking about how many birthdays and holidays we have between August and February, and we decided we didn't want to add another celebration in between those months. So, we narrowed the window to May or June. We looked at the dates, and decided on May 25th, so 5/25/13. Set the date because that IS the day we will be getting married!!! Pretty much exactly a year from now, I will be a Mrs., and I will share the same last name as my children!!

Saying that brings on all sorts of emotions... happiness and elation, and then fear. I am terrified that I will plan everything, buy everything, and then it won't happen. I love Chris to death, and I can't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else, and we talked about it the other day, and he said that he feels the same way, but it all just seems so surreal. I want it so badly that I am worried I'll never get it.

Either way, I have begun planning. Since I had a winter wedding planned, I have to go back to the drawing board. I started thinking of spring/summer colors. First, I stumbled upon yellow. I started toying with it, and decided that I really like either yellow lilies or yellow calla lilies. But I didn't want just yellow and white for our wedding, but I couldn't think of anything that really went with yellow. Like I said, I like subtle. I didn't want lots of colors, and if I found something that I thought I might like, I would show it to Chris, and he wouldn't like it. Then, I found it (on Pinterest of course), yellow and gray! I mentioned it to Chris, and he liked it as well! I can see it all in my head. Me in the white dress with a bouquet of yellow and white flowers (either one of the lilies mentioned earlier), my bridesmaids (if I have any) in light gray dresses with a single yellow flower, and my flowers girls (for sure Grace and probably Cheyenne) in yellow dresses with white petals to scatter. Chris will be in a black tux with a yellow flower in the pocket, a either a gray vest and yellow tie or a yellow vest and gray tie, and the groomsmen will be in whichever one he is not.

Only thing is, he doesn't have a lot of local friends, so we aren't sure if we will have actual bridesmaids and groomsmen, or just a maid of honor and a best man because I don't want to be standing up there with several bridesmaids and him only have one person.

I know how I want the cake to look as well. I still want to incorporate the design of our rings around the bottom of the top tier, then I would like sugar flowers that match the flowers in the wedding to be on top, and I think I would like a big pretty E to be in the center of them. The cake itself will be white.

I'm not sure on the decor yet. I have lots of ideas in my head, mostly taken from Pinterest as well. I know that I would like to have a chocolate fountain.

For my dress, I know I want it to be white, but I do NOT want strapless. I don't like the way I look in strapless. I really like cap sleeves, but I would settle with a halter neck as well.

I would like to incorporate Brentley somehow, but he will not even be two yet, so I'm not sure how. Any ideas would be wonderful!

Oh, and instead of a pillow to hold the rings, we are going to tie them to a Bible.

That's as far as I've gotten for plans right now, but more will come!!


  1. I'm here to help in any way :) Sounds like some great ideas though ;)

  2. Haha! When you had said you found yellow but didn't want just yellow the first thing to come to my head was yellow and gray and then bam you say that! Haha! I think it came to my head because those are the colors we are using for Blaikelynne.

    How exciting to get to plan this!!! I think it is even better that you will have your babies there!!!

  3. Sounds so beautiful! I can't wait to hear more! Pinterest, I am sure will have a zillion ideas.
    As far as your family taking over, I am sorry. Maybe you should find a wedding forum on Cafemom and ask for some advice?

  4. Erica, thanks so much hun! I really appreciate, and I am sure I will be taking you up on that offer at some point :)

    Jessika, when I saw the yellow and gray I remembered that you were doing that for Blaikelynne. I think those two colors are so pretty together. I'm not a big fan of yellow, but I love it when paired with gray.
    I'm excited to have the babies there! I would really like to incorporate Brentley in the wedding somehow, but I'm not sure how to yet. Even if we can't, it will still be special just having him there.

    Brittany, I actually just looked on cafemom for a forum that had anything to do with weddings. There were several, but none of them were very active :(
    I think I'd be better off posting in my August babies group. The women on that group are so kind and helpful, so I'm going to try that if I need to. If it really comes down to it though, I will just have to try to kindly explain that this is my wedding. My nana has had lots of weddings. I'm not sure that Chris' mom ever has, and she doesn't have a girl, so I'm sure that's why she's getting carried away. I really don't mind her helping at all. I just want her to run the ideas by Chris and me first.

  5. Yah. I guess people join, get married, and then they aren't active anymore. That is good that you have found a supportive group though. :)

    I can see why she would be like that. Jessie's Mom had all boys, so she will ever get the chance to be in the labor room with her "daughter," and that upsets her, especially since none of her daughter in laws let her in the room. We all just wanted our Husbands-My Mom tricked her way in there. lol.

    Anyway, yah, you can tell her, "This is what I want. Maybe try to base your ideas off of this, but I have final say."

  6. I really like my August babies group. I joined the November '09 babies group awhile back, and I can tell they are not fond of people who haven't been there since '09. They just kind of ignore me.

    Yeah, I let Chris' mom in the room when Brentley was born. I wasn't fond of the idea, but it actually wasn't a big deal. If we ever had another baby, I'd let her come in again. I can tell she really enjoyed that experience. I'd never tell her, but I kind of feel bad that I didn't let her in the room to see being born.

  7. That sucks. I am in September 08, but I don't post in there too much. I guess you just gotta find the right group for you.

    Awe. That is super nice of you to let her do that. Jessie's Mom just has a tendency of thinking everything is about her. She came up to the hospital the day Sam was born throwing a fit because we didn't call as soon as I started pushing. I WAS A LITTLE BUSY! lol I am just afraid she would make a big scene if we do have another and let her in there. Plus, I would like just the Mommy/Daddy experience. That would be nice.

    But anyway, if you have any wedding plans written down or pictures or anything, I would love to see them Wednesday!

  8. Yeah, I can understand that. I was afraid that Chris' mom would try to make it about her or start something, but she didn't. SHe helped take pictures, hold my legs when I was pushing, and tried to keep me calm when Brentley wasn't breathing. It was actually nice, and I think that was when I finally realized she's not so bad after all.

    I have lots of pictures on my computer! I can bring it with me if you don't mind me using your internet because a lot of the ideas are on pinterest.

  9. That is so good. You want to have some sort of relationship with your MIL, even if it is hard. That is why I started being more lenient with my MIL. You do start to realize they aren't that bad when they aren't constantly trying to defend themselves.

    Sure! Sounds like a plan! If you want us to go there we can, or you can come here. Either way. I still have toys unpacked.

  10. There are still things that she does that bother me, but I try to ignore them now.

    Either way is fine. I know Sami is more comfortable at your house. I just want her to be comfy :)