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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My love affair with consignment sales.

I just can't stay away lol. My mom and I went to Kendal's Kloset consignment sale yesterday. It is literally a block from her house, and I saw that they were advertising 50% off that day, so we couldn't resist. I didn't know if we would find much with it being the 50% off day, but we did! I went intending to find Brentley some summer clothes because he doesn't have as many as I would like him to, but, of course, I found some extras as well.

Like this toy bin.

This photo book set. It has books for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year.

This Dora doll (it matches the Diego that Grace already has).

This dress for Grace.

And these shoes for Grace.

And I did find quite a few things for Brentley too. The jacket is a 24 months. He had one almost just like it when he was younger and I loved it. It was perfect for the warmer winters we have, so now he'll have one for this winter :) And the I'm #1 onesie is for his birthday! Then I found him three rompers that he can wear now.

I got all of this for $23!! I love consignment sales!


  1. Looks like you got great deals! That toy bin is too cute! I knew you wouldn't be able to go without going to any of them. lol.

    I am so in LOVE with consignments too. I am sure you know.

    I went the first week and found some amazing boutique outfits for Sam!

  2. I was trying to stay away. I drive past it every time I go to school, but they suckered me in when they stuck the "50% off today" sign out front lol!