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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter :)

Well, we did all of our Easter festivities yeasterday.
We gave the babies their baskets when they got up. Brentley didn't really pay much attention to it, but Grace really liked hers.

My mom and sister came over and we had chicken, potatoes, green beans, and macaroni and cheese.
Then Chris' mom, brother, and step-dad came, and we hid eggs for my sister and Grace. I told Chris' mom to bring Dylan some eggs if he wanted to hunt some, but she told me that he said he didn't want to. My mom brought her own eggs for my sister and I did the ones for Grace. Well, Dylan was going around grabbing the eggs and looking inside them. Chris said something to him, and he got all whiny. Then, he grabbed an egg, walked behind his step-dad, took the candy out, stuck it in his pocket, and through the egg back down. Ooooh I was MAD. I was going to let him have some candy once we got back inside. I didn't care about the candy. It's the fact that he STOLE the candy, and he knew he stole it. I just really can't stand this kid. He's eleven years old, and he's literally stealing candy from babies. He steals all the time, and never gets in trouble. He tried to steal Chris' mp3 player once. I told Chris, and Chris made him put the candy back, then Dylan started crying, so Chris' mom got onto Chris for making Dylan cry... not onto Dylan for stealing candy... I mean really?? I just don't get it. The kid gets away with everything. Sorry, I just really can't stand him.
Oh and while I'm ranting... Chris, my mom, and I went outside to hide the eggs. Brentley had a cup of water when I went out. I came back in, and Chris' mom had put coke in his cup and was feeding it to him. Again, I was MAD! I have never even given him juice, and here she is giving him coke?!? I told her I didn't want him having coke, and she didn't even say anything?!? I took the cup and poured it out. I cannot stand when she does crap like that!

They left after the girls found all their eggs, but my mom and sister stayed for awhile. We just chatted and cleaned up while the girls played and Brentley slept.

It was a pretty good day in all. Grace did really well with the egg hunt. She had a lot of fun! Brentley played with one egg for a little while lol.

My dad had my brother yesterday, so Grace, Brentley, and I are going to see him tonight.

I also saw this really neat idea that I would like to try... taking glow sticks and putting them inside eggs, then having a night time egg hunt. I think Grace would really like that. I wish I would have seen it before yesterday (I saw it on a friend's facebook) because I would have done it last night. I may get some glow sticks tonight while I'm out. We'll see. If we don't get to do it this year, I will do it next year for sure.


  1. Cute pics. Looks like ya'll had fun too! That is so ridiculous-about his Mom. He is a baby! He doesn't need Coke-especially without your permission! Also, that is ridiculous about the eggs too. That sucks ya'll gotta celebrate holidays with them. :/ I would die if Lynn was at all the stuff with my family. We usually just go have dinner at her house the day after a holiday. (That is the reason we always do our celebration the week before, because I know my Aunt is going to take over when we celebrate at her house. So at least I get my time with her, and then the family can do whatever. lol)

  2. Oh, another idea for a night egg hunt. Next year, we are going to buy some shiny plastic eggs and hide them around the house. Turn out all the lights, and give Samantha a flashlight, and let her go at it. lol