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Sunday, April 1, 2012

She's growing up!

My little girl will be two-and-a-half next month! Crazy, isn't it?? Considering she was born yesterday and all, lol. She is a spit-fire, that's for sure, but she is also such a sweetheart. She's free-spirited and independent, and I love that about her.

She can talk really well now. She talks in full sentences, and we even have conversations.

She takes after me in the fact that she is terrified of falling. If she can tell that she is on something that isn't touching the ground, she will freak out. She starts clinging to me saying, "I'm gonna fall mommy!" I try to explain to her that she's not going to fall, but she doesn't  understand. I don't know how to help her. I'm hoping she will just grow out of it, but who knows.

She is very outgoing. She will dance and sing just about anywhere, and she LOVES kids close to her age. When we go to the park, if she sees someone close to her age, she will go up to that kid and say, "Come on, let's go play." It. is. so. cute!

She is a smart little thing too. She can count like there's no tomorrow. She'll count to 20 when she feels like it, and she doesn't just recite the numbers. She can actually count objects. She knows her ABCs. I'm pretty sure she could sing them in her sleep lol. We are working on recognizing the letters. W is her favorite letter lol. She knows what a circle, square, triangle, and heart are. We are working on star right now. Half the time she gets it, and half the time she calls it a heart.
Colors are not her thing. She just doesn't get it when I hold something like an apple up and ask her what color it is. She looks at my all confused and says it's an apple lol. I suppose she is just very concrete in her thinking. If you think about it, colors are very abstract at that age. She is starting to get it though. Everything is "yellow" now. But hey, at least she gets that there are colors

Her bubba is her best friend. His name is "Benkley" to her. I love it when she says that! She also calls him bubba and baby.

Today she came up to me, pushed my hair to the side and said, "You beautiful mama." My heart melted! Sh's never said beautiful before. It was so precious. She will come up to me every night and say, "I love you mommy, night night, I love you!" Oh she is just too sweet.

She has named her Build-A-Bear "Teddy-poo." So far, that is the only thing she has named. Every night, we hide the bear somewhere in the house, then we will ask her, "Where's Teddy-poo?" and she will say, "Let's go find Teddy-poo!" Then, when she finds it she gets so excited. She also sleeps with it.

Now, for the whole reason that I decided to make this post...
We are working on potty training. I sit her on the potty several times throughout the day. A couple of times she had peed on the potty. Which of course, I always praised her for it, and I would explain to her that she could tell me when she had to go. Today, she woke up dry, so I took her to sit on the potty and she peed! Funny thing is, I figured out what works for her. She loves to wipe herself, so I told her she can't have any toilet paper until she goes pee-pee lol.
Well, later, we went out to eat with my dad. I was up front getting a to-go box, and she came running up and she said, "Mommy, I have to go pee-pee." She's never said that before, so I wasn't sure, but I took her and sat her on the potty and she went! Oh, I was so proud!!! Then, a few hours after we were home, she told me she had to go again, and she did! The only time she peed in her diaper today was when she took her nap! I think it's about time for underwear now that she can tell me she has to go :) I was one proud mama today!

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  1. AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIRL, I am so happy for you-and Grace! That is so awesome! YAy for Grace!!! You are right. Sounds like time for underwear. :) I bet she will be even more excited if you take her to pick some out. That is what got Sam real excited. She felt like such a big girl because she got to pick out her underwear.

    She really is getting so big. Now that I see her more than before, I have realized how big she has gotten. It's sad, but exciting. And before you notice, she will be schoolage. I swear. It goes by even faster the older they get.